Even if Lin Gengxin is all over the world, he is still silly and lovable

2022-08-29 15:13

You really don't know what happened, show affection? Confession? No, no, you look down. An idiot netizen cut off such a picture and attached a comment: Hahahahahaha my mother! Are you inlaid with gold teeth. Unexpectedly, Lin Gengxin, who was in the middle of the day, would kindly interact with netizens: I hate, I remember you! What an innocent person lying down with a gun, but this gun is also poked to the heart, so happy! This is not the first time that Lin Gengxin has angered netizens, nor is it the first time that he has been so upright. He often talks with netizens so cordially and friendly, and netizens are like routine things. They come to Lin Gengxin’s chassis to check if there is nothing to do. 

Even if Lin Gengxin is all over the world, he is still silly and lovable. Regarding the arrogant Lin Gengxin, netizens pretended to be Lin Gengxin himself and commented: "Lin Gengxin said, I am a person who cannot withstand criticism. If you criticize me, I will delete the blog." and "Quickly, come to coax the boss", so there is the above scene. He hates the world at all times and is so arrogant. Lin Xinxin’s upright character has not been rejected by others, he has also been loved and loved by thousands. This may be the so-called straight male princess disease. Let these followers develop into abusive and good habits of being abused.

Who do you think you can rely on? Isn't it because Lin Gou is always okay? Publicly "mouse" Zhao Youting! Did you tease Zhao Liying publicly?It was really cheap and good, and then Gao Yuanyuan reposted it decisively. As a third party, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting were also dumbfounded. And the interaction between Lin Gengxin and Zhao Youting is not a day or two. For example, in the picture above, even if you haven’t eaten spicy strips, you don’t have to laugh so much. Afterwards, Zhao Youting, who can’t stand it, finally appeared, complaining about Lin’s boredom. But obviously Lin Gou is enjoying it. Even the taste is very straightforward: I don’t know how to dress when I’m fashionable. Daxin shyly replied "I hate you" to netizens. In other words, why did Lin Gengxin wear his clothes upside down? It turned out to be because I disliked the large amount of lace on the front of that dress, madam! 

This may be the last insistence of the straight man. You said that if you want to insist, don't wear it. You have to wear it. You really set yourself a difficult and contradictory fashion path! Why bother. I'm in charge of my site, my selfie, you can't PS. In addition to his upright taste and upright personality, Lin Gengxin also straightened up the picture with his poor and happy personality. So a netizen attached such a picture, and one accidentally blew up Lin Gengxin. This can only be praised but not ugly, right? Obviously I'm updating it like this. I can only praise him, I can't talk about him, I can only coax and can't yell, just such a arrogant Lin Gengxin has won everyone's applause with his arrogant temperament. But in the end, the editor himself wanted to be stunned by Lin Gou!

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