These 5 manicures make you beautiful from hair to nails

2022-04-28 16:05


ladylike nude pink

The pink and pink colors are perfect for spring! The deep or light pink is just like the flowers blooming in spring, and the ladylike temperament is triggered instantly when you get started~

Add glitter elements and paint different shades of pink plaid. If you want to be more playful and interesting, add some cute patterns in other colors as embellishments.

If you feel that pure pink is too monotonous, and the addition of glitter and pearls is too complicated, then the unique gradient style is the most suitable!

Or make a simple color jump, and smudge some red in the pink, so that the combination is more harmonious, more layered than monochrome manicure, and it is not easy to show black hands.


Shinning color

As a tyrant in the nail art industry, diamonds and glitter are the favorites of many girls! Glue on blingbling's big diamonds and blind others!

Girls with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't help but want to pick diamonds, but want their nails to be eye-catching enough, then glitter is your best choice! Whether it's the pearly shine in the nails, or the later paste, the degree of sparkle is not inferior to diamonds!

If there is no obsessive-compulsive disorder, then you must not miss the opportunity to stick a diamond! Give me diamonds of different sizes and shapes! However, sticking all ten fingers is still a little exaggerated. The editor recommends that you do it~

The editor prefers this kind of nude color as the keynote. One nail in the middle is a glitter style, and one or two decorations are added. I call it "shine in a low-key".


Flower is the cutest

The flower element can be said to be one of the common elements in nail art, and there are too many good-looking little fafas! As long as the color matching is good, it is absolutely beautiful with small flowers!

There are many varieties of flowers. Small daisies are a type that girls PICK more. The yellow and white color matching is jumpy and clean, and yellow tulips and sunflowers are also good choices.

Otherwise, it will be a little more complicated, with green, yellow, red, white and powder together! This depends on the skill of the manicurist, and the requirements for the skin color of the face are also relatively high.

Like the one in the picture above, this nail uses three colors of white, yellow and green. It looks fancy but not messy, but it is very harmonious. The small flowers and leaves are evenly distributed, and it is hugely white! Super heart has wood ~

Of course, flowers can't do without nude pink manicures. Some white flowers are added to the gentle and low-key style, revealing a little chic and careful thought.


Delicious fresh fruit

Why is there so little sweet, sour, juicy and delicious fruit elements in spring and summer! Oranges with jumping colors and two solid-color nails of the same color in the middle will not look too dazzling and have a spring feel.

There are also apples, lemons, cherries, strawberries, etc. Any fruit element can be used for manicure. If you want durian, jackfruit or something, I won't stop you!

I never thought that avocado could also be used for manicure, hehe! This color matching is perfect. The green of the avocado shell and the yellow of the pulp are two jumping colors colliding together. At first glance, it has a very visual impact, and I can't wait to have it right away!

The red, green and white colors of strawberries are complex enough, so the base color is the simplest transparent nail polish. The small and fresh style looks very comfortable~


zoo to meet

With transparent nail polish as the background color, the colorful abstract patterns make up the appearance of small animals. As for the animal, it depends on your imagination!

A vivid version is also available! Rabbit Paper, Brain Axe, Little Penguin and Little Corgi are all super kawaii! But it's a test of the manicurist's painting skills~

How can a delicate pig girl get a manicure with a pig pattern? There are also different styles for puppies and bunnies. But the editor didn't recognize it, is it a little fox or a little squirrel in the lower left corner?

Girls with short nail beds don't have to worry too much about the appearance of manicures. The first impression of this style in the eyes of others must be: wow! This manicure is so cute! Don't worry, hehe~

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If you just want to stay at home, try doing a manicure yourself!

STEP1: First apply a layer of primer to protect the nails.

STEP2: Before applying your favorite nail polish, put on a white tape with a curvature. It is more convenient if you have double eyelids! Stick to one-third of the nail area, or where you prefer.

PS: Remember not to exceed the tape when smearing~

STEP3: After the nail polish is dry, gently tear off the tape, and a perfect arc will be formed~

STEP4: Paste your favorite decorations, diamond and pearl sequins are fine.

STEP5: Finally, apply a layer of bright oil and you're done! Isn't it very simple ~ quickly take out your nail polish and try it!

In addition, remember to pay attention to the maintenance of your nails on weekdays~

When cutting nails, cut the middle first and then trim the sides, so that it is easy to control the length of the trim.

It is not easy to do manicures too frequently, otherwise it will damage the nails. It is best to do it once a month.

After removing the manicure, you can apply some moisturizing oil or cream to protect the nails.

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