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2022-10-31 06:01

MADNESS has cooperated with Nishiyama again this year after creating a joint ride series with Toru Nishiyama's FPAR and DESCENDANT the year before and last year, and this time the partner will be WTAPS.

Famous for the most original military creations, the military items of WTAPS have always been one of the most respected brands in the Japanese fashion industry. This time, the two parties abandoned the most common military jacket models in the market and chose the lesser-known 1960s. The French army uses M-64 PARKA, which appeared earlier than PARKA such as M-65 and M-51 and has not yet adopted the FISHTAIL fishtail design. At the same time, there is also a simple TEE model in the plan. The two items also have the WTAPS patch on the waist first, and then carry the MADNESS LOGO in the embroidery process, which perfectly implements the design style of both parties.

In fact, the MADNESS x WTAPS joint series has made everyone look forward to it for a long time, but these products that have been exposed so far are really insincere. Anyway, it is also a joint name, not even a model to control, just released after a few LOGO splicing, how can such a product really be the style of the sun trend?

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