10 Lipsticks You Must Buy

2022-03-04 19:26

1. Lancome/LANCOME Pure Velvet Lipstick #280 Lonza Gem

Restore the true color of roses and use colorimetric extraction technology to extract the beauty of the heart of the rose; make the lipstick as a custom-made makeup tool; matte lipstick, not only long-lasting color, softer and more comfortable; 13 lipsticks correspond to 13 moving flowers; revolutionary The cream is precisely designed to create the perfect makeup effect, and the black appearance outlined by the golden lines is elegant and noble; with a gentle touch, it achieves the beautiful bloom of the ultimate feminine rose-like delicate lips.

2. Benefit 2015 Carnival Party Series - Party Lip and Cheek Set

When lip balm meets rouge water, the combination of pretty lips and sweet cheeks detonates a carnival party! The colorful rouge water family makes up the cheeks with a rosy and lovely peach blossom halo. Together with the moisturizing lip balm, the lips and cheeks are delicate and dripping, which makes people unable to bear a kiss! Darling, come and kiss me~

3. Maybelline/MAYBELLINE good complexion light lipstick (red)

Three-color, gradient lip color, food-grade healthy color, rich in shea butter, moisturizing all day; red color corrects yellowish skin tone, creating a fair and radiant complexion.

4. Sephora/Sephora Honey Kiss Lip Balm (Sugar Apple)

Sephora's first lip balm that instantly applies color while moisturizing the lips, with a sleek spherical shape that fits better on the lips. Product Efficacy: Moisturize lips, instantly color, make lips full and fresh. Product selling points: trendy single product, small package, more convenient to carry and use; fashionable spherical design, more fit to the mouth shape, better use feeling; moisturizing and caring for the lip skin, giving the lips a moist and natural beauty.

5. Natural Hall/CHANDO Bright and Bright Lip Balm

This product has strong covering power, high color rendering and high moisturizing degree. It is aimed at urban women aged 25-35 years old. The look you need is a high-coverage lipstick that's rich in color, smooth on the skin and long lasting!

6. CK One Color Lasting Bright Lipstick

Dangerous red lips tease, the ultimate charm is on the verge of release! Screaming full color, dazzling and long-lasting, 100% color-free; fatally tempting lips to open, indulge in rich and gorgeous color, create a velvety matte and soft texture between kissing lips, mysterious luster and chocolate sweetness The fragrance lasts for a whole day and catches everyone's attention at any time! Unleash your true self and trigger an infinite maddening love!

7, Laneige / LANEIGE two-color three-dimensional lipstick

The innovative concept of square two-color lipstick creates a 3D three-dimensional lip makeup, making the lips more three-dimensional and plump; the square cut, easy to apply, can outline the precise lip shape with just one swipe; the soft texture, smooth extension, creates a full and even beautiful color; ten Color matching, three painting methods, Laneige trend lip art for you to create a variety of lip makeup.

8. Glo&Ray Lip Love Shimmer Lipstick 645Valentine

Eye-catching pure and bright color, rich in unique Light Color Fitness Complex (blend), it can be perfectly colored with one swipe; smooth paste is a pleasure to apply, specially added Micro-Shine Particle light-sensing particles, make it sexy Lips shimmer with a three-dimensional shimmer finish—a voluptuous, irresistible look.

9. Mi Si Buddha/Max Factor Charm Moisturizing Repair Lip Balm (New Color) #840

The use of finer pigment particles to achieve more excellent color rendering; the soft paste easily covers the lip skin during application, filling the texture and creating a mirror-like gloss; the lipstick formula contains up to 60% of emollient ingredients , effectively caring for the lip skin, making the lip skin softer and smoother; it helps to lock in moisture, making the lips glow with lasting moisturizing luster, and long-term use can improve the lip skin condition.

10. Anna Sui / ANNA SUI gilded lipstick (coral + pearl white)

Meteor-shaped paste: gently rotate to see a shooting star, make a wish, and instantly have a beautiful lip makeup; the perfect combination of two colors creates a marble pattern: each application is a fusion of different proportions of color and luster, so that your double Lips show different colors; luxurious water-feeling application, shimmery finish: a fusion of easy-to-apply powder and hot-melt moisturizing oil, a thin layer instantly melts and smoothes; long-lasting color and long-lasting moisturizing.

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