4 Wonderful Fragrances to Open a Fairytale Life

2022-10-11 13:59

Miss Coco's Adventures in Wonderland

Traveling with the scent of perfume is like an adventure. The little girl Alice falls into a wonderful journey after chasing a talking rabbit with a pocket watch. She ventures bravely and encounters the gruff Queen of Hearts, the good-hearted King of Hearts, and the jaunty J of Hearts. In this crazy world, it seems that only Alice is the only sober person. She is constantly exploring, and at the same time, she is constantly asking "who am I". While exploring, she continues to know herself and grow, and finally grows into a "big" girl. When I woke up suddenly, I realized that all this was a dream of my own.

Chanel Miss Coco Perfume

The fresh and precise floral notes of Miss COCO outline the youthful silhouette of a determined, confident and charming woman, radiant and seductive, constantly embarking on unknown adventures surrounded by oriental notes of jasmine and rose, discovering sexy, sophisticated, sweet , until finally found his own low-key and elegant label.

Snow White and the Garden of Eden

Green apple or poisoned apple? Perhaps it is not important, the important thing is how to express the innocence buried in the deepest part of my heart. Just like the big forest where Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived in seclusion, surrounded by the fragrance of flowers and springs, it is Snow White's Garden of Eden - allowing people to start a magnificent fantasy, a spiritual journey to a natural paradise. Dotted with drops of clear and refreshing dew, quietly sheltered under lush vines. The sun lightly passes through the gaps in the leaves, caressing them softly.

Guerlain Floral Water Eau De Toilette · Orange Blossom Garden of Eden 

In this carefree garden of Eden, the bitter orange tree and its fantastic aroma leave traces in the clear and vibrant bitter orange fruit and orange leaf essence. Behind the subtle fruity and sweet floral aroma, is the The hidden sexy temperament outlines the tranquil beauty of the country and the city. The elegant white musk extracted from white amber and cedar wood is mixed. As the core of the perfume, it is a pure beauty with a cymbidium heart, and the beautiful image of Snow White is vividly displayed. in front of you.

Aladdin's Magic Night Lamp

This is your magic lamp - to summon all your confidence, sophistication, grace and countless accolades. It magically unveils the veil of success for you, makes you omnipotent, makes everyone applaud for your unique feminine beauty, such as the magic lamp to Aladdin, allows you to be obsessed with the perfect balance of every aspect of your life , life is full and wonderful. Always hope that the beauty of the future may be your source of confidence, the appearance you present to the world is so perfect. You're methodical, you're eager, and at the same time you're so graceful and sophisticated. In doing so, you become the epitome of perfectionism and perfect style.

Boss NUIT Magic Night Women's Perfume

Polish your magic lamp - this fragrance is made for the perfect evening, the finishing touch before you step out the door. The fragrance's top, middle and base notes express what you want from this wonderful evening. Sensual floral notes such as violet and jasmine create a feminine halo of tenderness, while white peach and aldehydes in the top notes are dazzling. The result is a perfectly balanced fragrance for every woman, adding a powerful sense of confidence and glamour to her evenings.

Little Red Riding Hood in the Mood for Love

At first, the little girl wearing the Little Red Riding Hood was lost in the forest just because of curiosity, but her encounter with the big bad wolf taught her to be strong and transformed from innocence and innocence to full of power. Just like the most famous flower in the perfume world: she wanders between nature and the city, beautiful and graceful, like a pure poppy, so fragile, yet so strong, blooming in the urban forest, spreading the power of heart-warming, and leisurely opening a poetic and picturesque new journey...

Kenzo Mood for Love Eau de Toilette 

The "Little Red Riding Hood" running in the forest is like a poppy flower, fresh and beautiful, and full of vitality. Bulgarian rose and jasmine play a soft and rich tune, combined with sensual vanilla and white musk to bring out the freshness and warmth. A poetic power that fills the scent. In the streamlined and slender clear bottle, poppies bloom gracefully.

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