11 super-friendly blushes for Asian skin

2022-03-04 19:26

Of course, this also needs to be applied just right. If you choose the wrong color or use too much force, you will definitely not be able to damage the makeup.

In fact, you must have seen a lot of various painting methods and tutorials of blush, but when you get started, there will be various bugs, so this editor has compiled 11 peach pink cheeks that are most suitable for Asian girls Red, you don't need too many makeup techniques and it's not easy to make mistakes, just buy it!

Girls who don’t have enough traffic, don’t worry, we have prepared a graphic version of the color test very intimately, which is more intuitive and beautiful, please scroll down ↓

11 blushes that are on the "Who Paints Who's Beauty List" will try for you!

Let's make an overall appearance first! This blush color test includes blush stick, blush cream, air cushion blush and powder blush to meet your different needs!

Chanel Natural Radiance Blush Cream #23

RMB400 / 8g

Enriched with botanical extracts of kapok and white rose, this velvety, fresh blend of blushes adds a touch of color to cheeks and enhances the radiance of the face. With a delicate touch like a second skin, it imparts a light and translucent soft finish.

blush color test

This Chanel blush stick is definitely worthy of the "Low-key Luxury Award". The texture is very smooth and creamy to the touch. After a swipe of color, it will be evenly blended with your hands or a makeup egg, and it will present a sweetness. The peach color, with evenly distributed and fine gold shimmer, will not look dull, like bathing the skin in the California sun.

Skin Key (Cpb) Honey Blush Cream #2

Cpb's paste has excellent extensibility and conformability. A smooth and soft touch makes the cheek contours more vivid and translucent. It is rich in maintenance ingredients such as argan oil, which can be moisturizing and moisturizing while applying makeup. Effect, to create a soft and natural makeup.

blush color test

This blush from CPB is also an exciting color. Although it looks like a deep peach pink at first glance, it will feel difficult to control. When applied evenly, it will show a slightly dry pink rose color. It blends perfectly with the skin tone, and also has a moisturizing luster, like a blush from the inside out, with a touch of rose fragrance, both appearance and strength.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Palette #PASTAL PINK


This star brightening palette includes 6 shades of different textures and can be used as a blush alone or as a spotlight. Contains mulberry extract to prevent the precipitation of pigment swatches, making the skin clear, crystal clear and lustrous, with a natural bright and charming luster, full of vitality, and make you feel younger.

blush color test

The color of Bobbi Brown's six-color cheek color palette is the most transparent and light of all blushes. It can be applied alone or mixed together. This time, the color editor chose a mixed color. Peach-like girly pink, but it will not make the skin appear yellow or black, suitable for novice girls, and there will be no "excessive force" when applying it multiple times.

Shiseido Mist Mousse Blush #07

This blush's innovative bouncy mousse texture with air-infused technology provides a long-lasting finish with a soft, misty, matte texture that's light on the skin and super stretchable for a natural-looking swipe of color.

blush color test

The color of this mousse blush from Shiseido is really love at first sight. Although the color is very strong after opening, it feels uncontrollable, but it is really amazing after lightly dipping and smearing! First of all, the texture is very thin and easy to push away. After #07 is applied, it shows a "mermaid" color. The color of the peach latte has fine gold flashes, and the whole presents a matte matte finish. It is very advanced.


NARS Blush contains a transparent tint factor that creates a natural flush with a soft, clear finish on cheeks, and leaves skin radiant with a healthy glow. Wear alone or layer on top of each other for deep, rich color.

blush color test

In fact, Nars's #Orgasm is no stranger to everyone. It has a peach pink with fine shimmering, and this #Amour can be said to be a hidden master. It is a slightly plum-like orange-pink blush, which is very layered and matte. The texture is very natural and does not show pores after being applied to the face. It is more feminine in comparison, and it can be used for yellow skin and white skin, which is super versatile!

Aramis ( M · A · C ) fashion rouge #FLEUR POWER

The texture of Charcoal Fashion Rouge is light and thin, the color is saturated, but it is natural and even when smeared on the cheeks, and the powder is fine and does not fly.

blush color test

The color of #FLEUR POWER is relatively low-key. After the perfect combination of pink and orange tones, the saturation and brightness are greatly reduced. The whole color is soft and gentle. Although this color is relatively unpopular, it is worth starting. It will look very good with heavy makeup and light makeup.

Snow Show ( Sulwhasoo ) Ying Cai coral blush # 2

Sulwhasoo Yingcai blush comes in three shades, which can easily complete blush and spot brightening. The pearl powder developed by Sulwhasoo's unique color technology creates a translucent luster like the blooming of red plums, and creates smudge-like cheeks. After opening it, it really makes a girl's heart burst. The three-color flower relief is very delicate, and I can't bear to start!

blush color test

#02 is a coral color with a heavier orange tone. It can be used as a "blush yellow" that is very popular this year, and it will not suppress the complexion. The three colors are just right in harmony, and the color rendering is not very high. There is no problem with Tu Ke, and the 10g super-large capacity can be used for a long time.

Laneige Two-Tone Contour Blush #2

Laneige’s palette combines both contouring and blush, custom-made two-color, light texture, can create a natural and healthy makeup; in addition, long-lasting makeup effect can resist oil, sweat, and keep you looking good at all times.

blush color test

Laneige #02 The color of this plate is very sweet, a slightly creamy peach color, the yellow skin is completely stress-free, the powder is fine and the pressure plate is well done, it will look very energetic after applying it on the face, which is very suitable for summer.

3CE Monochrome Blush #VALENTINE PINK

This blush continues the simple packaging of 3ce, without too many decorations. You can see the color number directly through the shell. You can see that its texture is very delicate and the color is very clean, which is very exciting.

blush color test

The color matching of 3ce has always been very good, which is very suitable for Asians. Although this pink is relatively positive, because of its light texture, it can be blended with the skin color to form a wonderful dry pink after application, and there will be no color floating. The feeling on the cheeks is not too exaggerated.

Peripera Velvet Blush #03 Apricot

The brand Filifira may be unfamiliar to everyone. It is an affordable makeup brand that Korean girls like very much. Ink lip dye will be more famous. This velvet blush is also a very good choice for the price. The color is natural and the pressure plate is also very good. It is a quite satisfactory blush.

blush color test

#03 is an apricot pink with glitter, which looks a little fluorescent at first glance, but the color is actually very light when applied to the skin, which can naturally fit the skin tone, forming a slightly orange rubber pink , very lively.

Dream makeup (Mamonde) Hua Yan water bright air cushion blush #rose powder

This blush is designed with an air cushion, which is easy to adjust the amount, and the elastic mesh filter, which is light and even, and fits the skin better, the color is more uniform, and there will be no caking. In addition, pomegranate flower extract and pomegranate fruit extract are added to nourish the skin, smooth the skin texture and create a smooth finish.

blush color test

Dream makeup's air cushion blush is a very white and invigorating rose pink, but it is not very eye-catching. After blending with the skin, it will have a very natural and clear blush effect, fresh and natural, with a thin texture, and it is smooth and not sticky, which is very easy Push away and mix evenly.

Well, the 11 blush colors are all here, which one is the most exciting to you? If you also have all-match blushes that you love to use, please share them with you in the comments!

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