2 unexpected uses of honey

2022-10-12 14:51

1. It is a natural after-sun repair product

It is easy to get sunburned in spring and summer. Like yogurt, honey is also a natural after-sun repair product. Scientists have confirmed that honey has been found to contain all the trace elements in Mendeleev's periodic table, which has an extraordinary ability to repair the skin. Moreover, it contains sugars that account for 3/4 of the total composition, with B vitamins and vitamin C being the most abundant. Therefore, while it repairs sunburns, it can also make the skin whiter, which many people may not have thought of. 

how to use? It feels good to do a mask repair

Recommended reason: Contains the nutrients of gold particles and honey to strengthen the skin barrier and provide the skin with abundant nutrition and moisture. It can be said to be a moisturizing magic weapon for winter tired skin. Gold particle ingredients promote skin blood circulation, help activate the skin, and inject energy into the tired skin of winter. The honey ingredient provides nutrients to the skin for a long time, and the texture is refreshing, moisturizing and non-sticky, bringing a comfortable feeling of use. Not only does deep hydration leave the skin feeling hydrated, it also improves skin texture.

2. Its cleaning power is comparable to that of fungicides

What few people know is that honey has a reputation of undefeated for thousands of years. In ancient Egyptian tombs, the excavated honey is still edible, and it is also a rare food in the world that does not spoil. This is also due to the super bactericidal effect of honey. The reason is that honey contains a magical glucose peroxidase, which kills and inhibits many fungi. For example, when you wake up in the morning, rinse your mouth with warm water with two tablespoons of honey, and the bacteria in your mouth will basically be eliminated. Therefore, many dermatologists in foreign countries also use honey directly to clean wounds and treat skin diseases.

how to use? Wash off embarrassing pimples on your face

Why You Need To Go: DHC Olive Honey Nourishing Soap is a clear cleanser with natural ingredients like olive oil and honey. It has both "cleansing power" and "moisturizing power" that can fully remove skin impurities and aging dead skin cells. Rapidly lathering, creamy, fine lather quickly envelops dirt and retains the skin's essential moisture. The lather rinses off easily for a quick cleanse. There is no tightness after washing, and you can enjoy a moist face wash.

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