Valentine's Day fragrance gifts are more dreamy

2022-09-09 09:26

The theme of "Rose Series", two fragrances of Damascus rose and Chiba rose are launched. The whole series revolves around roses, including Eau de Toilette, Indoor Fragrance Wax, Fragrance Paper, Body Lotion, Hair Fragrance Spray...all products Combined, it is like a feast of roses, showing the infinite charm of two classic roses.

According to legend, the Damascus rose was discovered during the Crusades and brought back to the West. Now it is mainly grown in Bulgaria and Turkey, so it is also known as the "Turkish rose". This limited edition Damascus rose scented candle is made of apricot yellow, blush red, orange orange, dark purple and a touch of pink and purple are used as packaging colors, and the smell smells like a more sexy and luxurious aroma.

Chiba roses, which are only harvested in May each year, are also known as "May roses". Diptyque is the first brand in the fragrance industry to use chiba roses to make scented candles. This year's Valentine's Day launched a limited-edition thousand The leaf rose scented candle is packaged in a timeless and classic pink with a hint of blue. It smells like a warm, elegant and slightly spicey fragrance.

In addition to single candles, there are also candle gift boxes. You can buy two mini candles of Damascus rose and Chiba rose in one box, which are very suitable for gift or collection.

The classic oval home fragrance wax that iron powder wants to collect every year, not only can make the room exude a charming fragrance, but the pink packaging can also be used as a hanging ornament. If you look carefully at the ribbon, there are exquisite printed totems, so beautiful!

Based on the gentle floral fragrance of Dior's hot-selling Floral Dior Eau de Toilette, the bath soap is delicately engraved with houndstooth patterns and the lively and timeless Miss Dior logo. The delicate and rich foam gently wraps the skin, making bathing a pleasure of fragrance at the same time. After washing, the skin feels super soft and smooth, and it will also have a faint charming fragrance. It is suitable for people who don't like spraying perfume, or a careful machine that can be used when you spend the night with your boyfriend on Valentine's Day!

This year's Valentine's Day also specially launched the Flower Dior Lover's Bath Gift Box. The romantic pink box is opened, and there are three Flower Dior bath soaps wearing playful graffiti sleeves. Once opened, it is guaranteed to make the girl's heart erupt, so beautiful and dreamy! 

Miss Dior is the first counter perfume that many girls start with. This year, a new Miss Dior Eau de Toilette was specially launched before Valentine's Day. The multi-layered and energetic citrus notes are like ribbons gently covering sweet oranges and juicy red oranges, showing the light and dynamic vitality of love. Combined with the elegant and fresh fragrance of lily of the valley, all the joyful breaths are gathered together, as if holding hands and dancing endlessly.

In 2016, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BYREDO, founder Ben Gorham decided to create a special limited edition fragrance, which was not named by the brand, but let customers choose a meaningful name. Sold out, this time it's back in limited quantities!

Inside the pure white box is a set of BYREDO's own fonts, which provide endless possibilities for naming the fragrance, such as initials, someone's name, travel destination, lucky number, memorable, daytime or A certain segment of the night, a special code name, is very suitable as a Valentine's Day confession gift! There is only a limited edition of 30 bottles in Taiwan, which is super precious. If you miss this one, you will not know when you will have the opportunity to get it!

The very popular fragrance brand BYREDO has always only released 50ml and 100ml packaged Eau de Parfum. This year's Valentine's Day specially selected six of the most popular fragrances - Tropical Jazz, Black Saffron, Back to Basics, Gypsy Water , Shadow of the Mojave and No Man's Land.

You can mix and match the fragrance according to what you wear on the day and your mood. The small one is very convenient to carry with you, and can help you fill up the fragrance at any time.

These limited-edition fragrances are all very good-looking, and the point is that they taste very good! If you are a girl who loves roses, you must go to the cabinet and smell Dior and Diptyque in person. If you are a girl from the Wenqing School, the taste of BYREDO will make people deeply fascinated. On Valentine's Day, it is suggested that the other half will buy it for you!

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