2020 New Beauty Power Body Care Products in the beauty list of the Year

2022-03-24 14:38

Sina Fashion 2020  New Beauty Power, takes the new products of the year as the core, and releases the most well-known and influential annual beauty products in the industry and dozens of annual beauty awards. In the context of the theme of the new beauty of the style award, the annual list is released.

   ON THE BODY Water Brightening Body Scrub-Pomegranate Fragrance was awarded the 2020 New Beauty Beauty List Annual Body Care New Product


Hydrating Body Scrub - Red Pomegranate Fragrance (Nickname: Smoothie Red Tube)

Say goodbye to the traditional single physical friction exfoliation, chemical + physical, more professional, gentler and more effective. Selection of plant scrub particles and AHA fruit acid, gently clean pores, soften the cuticle, and wake up the "water-light skin". Plant fine powder scrub, massage comfortable; micro-foaming, easy to rinse and not sticky.

The 2020  New Beauty Power List Annual Body Care New Products finalists are as follows:

Acqua di Parma Essence Body Oil

tamburins fragrance body lotion 532

THE FACE SHOP Vitamin A Alcohol Fragrance Body Essence Milk Wind Chimes Whisper

Avon AVON Little Black Dress Essence Body Lotion

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