3 Explosive moisturizing masks

2023-05-17 14:25

In spring, skin moisture comes and goes in a hurry, but the most worrying thing is that the skin moisture can't go away in time! How to do this? So moisturizing in spring is very important. But don't worry, we have a must-have weapon for girls' skin care - a moisturizing mask. In winter and spring, you can still give your skin exceptionally hydrated skin.

Moisturizing and moisturizing work is something that beauty-loving MMs have to do all year round, especially in the windy spring, moisturizing must be fast, accurate and ruthless. So, what are the best skin care products to use? Of course, it is a moisturizing mask. Let me introduce the following moisturizing masks to you.

Biotherm Moisturizing Cream

Recommended reason: In order to let the hydrating series bring uninterrupted day and night care to the skin, Biotherm has launched the first sleeping mask - Biotherm Moisturizing Cream. Through the first micro-molecular condensation technology, the unique essential oil gel texture is both gentle and nourishing like a cream, and refreshing and thin like a gel. This unique formula is designed for long-lasting massages to fully relax the skin by massaging before bed, making it ideal for evening skincare. All-night hydration provides soothing hydration for a healthy, silky-smooth finish that wakes up to plump skin. Pamper your skin all night long and wake up in the morning feeling plumped, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Meiji Camellia Moisturizing Mask (Upgrade)

Recommended reason:

Hydrating and radiant

Moisturizing and moisturizing, suitable for many skin types

The delicate fragrance and the moisturizing energy of the petals give the skin a wonderful beauty like camellia

Beauty is the new camellia moisturizing moisturizing mask, rich in camellia essence and natural moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing and moisturizing, inject fresh vitality into the skin, help the skin to maintain the ideal moisturizing state, the skin is like the camellia petals moistened by rain and dew, clear, crystal, bright, bright and elegant The fragrance lingers on for a soothing pleasure.

Kiehl's High Moisture Mask

Recommended reason: Kiehl's high moisturizing mask can make the skin quickly absorb moisture and lock in moisture for a long time. The formula containing Ophiopogon japonicus root extract can help amplify the hydrating function of daily moisturizing cream. This mask is also suitable as a sleeping mask, used before bed to instantly replenish the skin's moisture while allowing the skin to lock in moisture like a "reservoir". Featuring expertly hydrating cryoprotective protein and desert botanical extracts, this formula also helps protect and strengthen the skin's barrier - increasing the level of hydration while leaving skin smoother, softer, fresher and more elastic.

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