3 Steps to Create a Delicate Low Bun Elegant or Cute

2022-07-01 17:43

At the same time, the low bun hairstyle, through the design of bangs and different hair accessories, makes the three low bun styles have their own temperament. Do you like all three styles? Check out their braided tips right now.

1 side low bun style

The slanted bangs and curly hair make for a sweet and lovely face, and the elegant hair accessories sublimate the bun, making the whole look more beautiful.

Hair Skills

Step 1: Concentrate all of the hair on the right side, divide it into two sections, and twist it.

Step 2: Gently pull out the hair with your hands to create a fluffy feeling.

Step 3: To finish, the hair bundle is rolled up, curled inward, and secured with a black hairpin.

This low bun becomes elegant and fashionable with hair clips, suitable for various occasions and can be matched with casual knitted sweaters or elegant dresses, MMs must learn.

inner curly bun style 2

Qi bangs and headbands are super cute, instantly reducing the age by 5 years, making them suitable for girls who want to be cute.

Hair Skills

Step 1: After combing your hair, put on the headband and twist the strands from the side.

Secure the twisted hair on both sides with hairpins.

Step 3: Finally, twist all of the remaining hair upwards and secure it with hairpins.

Qi Liuhai highlights bright big eyes, making the girl instantly cute. Girls can choose their favorite hair cards to match.

3 fluffy hair bag style

The thin slanted bangs and the sideburns create a small face, while the fluffy and layered hair bag with oversized hair clips is eye-catching.

Hair Skills

Step 1: Brush your hair back and tie it into a low ponytail.

Step 2: Using your hands, gently pull the hair on top of your head to create a fluffy and messy look.

Step 3: A hairpin is used to secure the ponytail into a fluffy hair bag, and another hairpin is used to finish it.

Through the three-step hairstyle technique, you can get an elegant and beautiful low bun. If you are excited, try it now.

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