4 Korean hairstyles with hair clips to get the best summer collocation

2022-05-20 15:49


This one is curly hair tied into a bun, the cute bun design and loose hair create a princess vibe.

Hair braiding steps:

1. Leave a strand of hair on the left side of the neck and tie the rest of the hair on the lower right side of the head.

2. Curve the upper part of the tied hair bundle to form a bun shape.

3. Fix the hair on the back with one hand, and gently grasp the hair on the top with the other hand to make a fluffy feeling.

4. Wear a pearl bow hairpin in the position of the tress.


The seemingly difficult hairstyle, in fact, can be completed by twisting the hair bundle. Now learn how to style loose hair into a suave hairstyle.

Hair braiding steps:

1. Tie a hair bundle in the middle of the back of the head and loosen the hair at the top.

2. Twist the hair on the left side of the cheek, and then fix it to the position of the hair band rubber band, as well as the hair on the right side of the cheek.

3. After the other scattered hairs around the hair bundle are also tightened, use a clip to fix it to the position of the hair bundle rubber band.

4. With a large chiffon bow hairpin, the elegant lady's style comes out.

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