4 points to use the curling iron correctly

2022-06-05 12:26

Correct use of curling irons—size selection:

Different sizes of curling irons have different effects, so choosing the right size is very important. Small curling irons can generally create fine curls or waves and are more suitable for short hair. Large curling irons create large, voluminous curls that are more suitable for long hair.

Correct use of curling iro-- prep:

Be sure to protect against heat damage before using a curling iron and make sure your hair is completely dry. Using a curling iron while your hair is wet can cause split ends and breakage. When choosing protective products, you can choose hair care products such as leave-in serums that play a protective role.

Correct use of curling irons—curling tips:

When using a curling iron, the direction of the curls is very important, and the direction of the curls must be regular. Different sides of the face should be rolled in different directions. And don't let the hair stay on the curling iron for too long; stay within 10 seconds. When curling your hair, don't be too greedy. Rolling too much hair at one time will make the hair unevenly heated and will not achieve the expected curling effect. After curling, let your hair cool before hand-styling.

Correct use of curling irons—curling iron cleaning:

A curling iron that has been used once will have styling products left on it. If it is used directly without cleaning, there will be residues attached to the hair, which will affect the hair quality. Therefore, after each use, you can use a paper towel or towel, take some disinfectant, and wipe the surface of the curling iron to keep it clean.

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