4 things you need to know about shampooing correctly and don't let pollutants stay with you overnight

2022-03-04 19:26

Frequent shampooing won't damage your hair

Many people mistakenly believe that washing your hair regularly will cause some damage to your hair, but in today's heavily polluted urban environment, washing off dust and dirt is what matters. In fact, as long as you find the right shampoo product and follow the correct shampoo method, even daily shampooing will not damage your hair, and it will also provide better head care and healthier hair.

Maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the scalp is the key

While cleaning is important, it's also important not to over-cleanse the scalp. Excessive cleaning can cause damage to the scalp barrier, making it easier for external pollutants to damage the scalp, making it easier to lose moisture, and for head problems like dandruff, hair loss, and excessive oil production. Therefore, grasping the frequency of shampooing and strengthening the health maintenance of the scalp is the solution.

Optimal cleaning frequency for different hair types

Healthy Hair: Wash every other day. Intensive care can be performed once a week.

Dry hair: Shampoo every other day or twice a week, and choose a shampoo and conditioner that hydrates and locks in moisture. Use the Essence Treatment Hair Mask once or twice a week for deep hydration.

Oily hair: People with oily hair have a strong scalp oil secretion, and daily cleaning can protect the clean and healthy hair. It can be combined with shampoo products with scalp essence or oil control function to help unclog pores and adjust the balance of water and oil.

Don't let pollutants in your hair stay with you overnight

Many people are used to getting up in the morning and washing their hair, which not only prevents the hair from being deformed at night, but also facilitates hair styling before going out. However, just like facial skin, going to bed without removing makeup and washing your face will definitely damage your skin, and the same is true for your hair. Washing your hair at night removes dirt and oil from your hair and scalp, which if left on your head overnight can cause bacteria to grow and damage your hair over time.

TIPS: After washing your hair at night, be sure to blow-dry it before going to bed, so as to avoid the invasion of dampness and cold on the head and avoid headaches the next day.

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