4 week Intensive whitening essence launched

2023-05-17 20:54

For 10 years, the Sisley R&D Center has been deeply exploring the mechanism of melanin production, and is committed to unlocking the mystery of pigmentation and radiant complexion.

Today, more and more women are using whitening products to brighten their complexion, resist the formation of dark spots, and beautify their skin. Such products include: lotions, masks, serums and other products. The Sisley Phyto Whitening Collection offers a range of daily whitening skincare treatments to meet all women's whitening needs.

Now, Sisley is one step closer to building on innovation...

Introduced in the form of a treatment course, an extremely effective "whitening" serum enriched with the exclusive patented Whitening Crystal Complex 1, which acts on the 3 stages of melanin production and transfer.

Results: In just 4 weeks, the natural color of the skin is significantly brightened, the pigmentation caused by skin aging is greatly reduced, and the face is revealed with a crystal radiance.

1. Botanical Whitening Flawless Essence acts on melanocytes 2 to combat the formation of melanin.

Vitamin C is the best ingredient for brightening the skin. Its instability is well known. Sisley uses glucose molecules to achieve its stability, and has created a new patented technology. vitamin C).

The crystal diamond revitalizing whitening factor gradually releases vitamin C to play an uninterrupted whitening effect. It also contains anti-radical ingredients that improve skin firmness and resistance.

The first use of hexylresorcinol (new ingredient), a highly effective anti-melanin synthesis ingredient, combined with the stable crystal activating whitening factor (slow release vitamin C), they can maximize the effect of existing Melanin 2, brightens skin tone, significantly inhibits melanin production 2, greatly reduces the number, volume and color of dark spots.

2. Botanical Brightening Serum can reduce the transfer of melanin to the epidermis.

Sisley uses improved Scutellaria Root Extract (new ingredient) - extracted from plant roots, which is rich in polyphenols, inhibits the transfer of melanin and the deposition of 2/3 in epidermal cells, removes new spots and brightens skin tone.

3. The plant whitening flawless essence acts on the skin epidermis to make the skin even and bright.

Cactus flower extract (rich in oligosaccharides) removes melanin in epidermal cells4 and promotes the natural metabolism of cells. Natural Bisabolol soothes the skin, reduces the effects of stress on the skin and prevents hyperpigmentation.

1. Patented technology / 2. In vitro test / 3. In vivo test / 4. In vivo test

Comfort, beauty...and the total care of Sisley.

Vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil, vitamin E (anti-radical) moisturize, nourish and protect skin, and also contain lavender and marjoram essential oils.

The botanical whitening flawless essence has a gel texture, silky and smooth, blends into the skin, fully moisturizes, absorbs quickly, and the skin instantly feels soft and elastic.

Simple, "ready to use" treatments

Twice a day (morning and evening) intensive care sessions

No pretreatment is required, as vitamin C stabilization has been achieved, and is used before other products in the Phyto Whitening range. One bottle is for a week. Contains no acne-causing ingredients.

Botanical Whitening Series - Botanical Whitening Flawless Serum:

The most effective phyto-whitening treatment developed by Sisley

The use cycle of this whitening and anti-pigmentation treatment course is 4 weeks. It can be used as a phased replacement for the plant whitening and rejuvenating essence to improve and promote the effect of daily whitening care. It acts on the skin of the face and neck every day. Unparalleled whitening effect.

The product can greatly reduce the number, size and color of pigmentation spots, the complexion becomes more even and refined, the skin brightness is visibly improved, and the skin is bright and radiant.

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