40 degrees high temperature which material of clothing will instantly cool down by 10 degrees when put on

2022-12-26 06:02

Silk blended texture material

The clothes made of silk blended material have a cool feeling of silk, and this summer there is a hot one-piece silk dress that is very popular among girls. When you are entangled in what to wear, choose a one-piece silk dress, sexy and cool, you are the most beautiful boy on the whole street.

Or choose a thin short-sleeved shirt with silk texture as a summer sunscreen shirt. After all, the ultraviolet rays in July are too strong. We should also do physical sunscreen while applying sunscreen.

Pure cotton texture

In summer, we will unconsciously choose a lot of pure cotton single products, like your wardrobe, there must be a lot of pure cotton T-shirts, and our original intention of choosing this material is also for its comfort and dryness. .

In July, when I was all sweaty at the move, a pure cotton Tee solved this embarrassment. The ultra-high absorbent cotton material can absorb 100% of the sweat. When the summer wind blows, it is still that comfortable self.

For daily wear, pure white cotton Tee is recommended, white basic all-match color, no need to worry about making mistakes, buy some to hang in the closet, casual matching pants or skirts are suitable for commuting and very suitable for weekend party moments with girlfriends.

Linen texture

Linen clothes give a feeling of Japanese Mori girl. The clothing made of this material will have a loose feel overall, and the material itself will feel a little thicker than clothing made of other materials, so the molecular layout of the clothes weave will be relatively sparse. As a kind of fabric with good extensibility and breathability, it will not have the sticky feeling close to the body. It is a good choice to choose clothing items of this material in summer.

However, linen items generally have the problem of being easy to wrinkle, which will give people a wrinkled feeling. But it is a hundred times more worry-free than pure cotton clothes in terms of washing and drying.

All in all, in this hot and dry July, when choosing clothes, we should not only pay attention to the beautiful styles, but also pay close attention to the materials. We hope that our little fairies will be cool and comfortable. Have a wonderful summer comfortably.

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