45-year-old Jia Jingwen's new drama comeback elegant and capable can be called workplace dressing textbook

2022-10-17 06:01

Prior to this, Alyssa Chia and other leading actors appeared at the "Distance Between Us and Evil" conference site. Many friends who have watched this show can't help but admire the novel and fascinating subject matter, which is worth chasing. Besides, another highlight of this show is the starring Jia Jingwen itself.

Although she is no longer an eccentric girl compared to Zhao Min’s time, she starred in the new drama as a bereaved but very strong workplace woman. She is in front of the camera, both in appearance and clothing. It is quite good at playing, and it is praised by everyone. It can be called a textbook for workplace dressing.

The outfits in this play are very simple but there is no lack of capable aura. This white shirt has a high appearance rate, don't underestimate it, the clothes have a lot of details. The neckline and cuffs of the fungus wrap the neck and the cuffs are echoed. The lace stitching design on the shoulders is very unique, giving this textured shirt a little more elegant and feminine. Even if the lower body is matched with monotonous black trousers, it will not feel boring.

This gray set is really simple. The solid-color stand-up collar top and the loose-fitting design of the sleeves are full of leisure. The regular combination of gray and black is very neutral and capable, which matches the personality and personality of the characters in the play. Women really don't need to wear too complicated after forty, so it feels the most comfortable simply.

This middle-sleeved shirt suit is also very nice. The black multi-button design reduces the old-fashioned elements, and the length of the sleeves is not very rigid, adding an intellectual and gentle atmosphere, and the formal version can modify the body and highlight the texture, which is the key to enhancing the temperament.

There is no shortage of stripes in the workplace! The striped element color of this striped shirt is very tricky, the green and red low-key tone and the color of the body, quietly create a fashion taste, but Jia Jingwen is also full of aura.

Just looking at Jia Jingwen's drama also makes people unable to restrain their desire to chase, and can't wait to see more of her looks.

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