5 skin care shortcuts for lazy girls

2022-08-08 06:01

I have to admit, my skin care steps include 5 steps in the morning and 4-5 steps in the evening. And every two nights will change different products. My fiance calls my bathroom "office". But my skin care routine is not worth mentioning compared to the average Korean woman who has more than 20 steps of skin care routine. Is this kind of cleansing-eye cream-essence-face cream-sunscreen-touch-up procedure really necessary, or Is it just a product marketing tool? Not only did our grandma come here with a bottle of cream.

"Less is more is better"? Said senior dermatologist and author of the beauty book "Skim Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist", Dr. Debra Jaliman. "The benefit of reducing skin care routines is to avoid you being trapped in many chemicals and reduce the possibility of your skin being irritated." So what kind of beauty and skin care procedure is simple and allows you to have perfect skin?

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