5 steps to create a retro sweet style with a hair bun

2022-06-30 11:07

If you want to create a retro-sweet style, you must also pay attention to the choice of hair accessories. Patterns and colors are also elements to enhance the retro feeling! And this DIY tutorial can be completed in five steps. Very simple, MM. Come and watch the tutorial.


Is braiding only romantic and sweet? No, it can also create a retro feel with a headband, but you need to pay attention to the style of the headband. A polka-dot bow like this is very suitable.

Step 1: Make a curled line.

Divide all the hair into three equal parts and apply the curling wand to create a slightly wavy line.

STEP 2: Create a side braid

Start with two braids starting from the side part of your hair.

STEP 3: Secure the braids

Gather the two braids, stick them to the scalp, and fix them with small black clips.

STEP 4: Create the back of the head curvature

Located above the occipital bone, take a small tangle of hair and clip it to make the head shape look bulging and have a beautiful arc, which is convenient for the upper hair to have support when it is put down, and it is also just enough to allow the subsequent wearing of the hair band. There is a place it can be leaned against without loosening easily.

STEP 5: Wear the headband.

Wear it along the middle of the braid you just clipped and the clipped hair, and wear it out from both ears. Finally, adjust the direction of the bow as you like, and you can clip it to any side.

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