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2023-02-10 20:50

The most chic styles of autumn and winter sweaters

It's all here.

Key 1: Play tricks on the sleeves

The hot water-sleeved shirt a while ago continued to blow this trend to the sweater side. The high-necked sleeves covering the palms are always warm in gray, and the combination of purple + black is very attractive!

The bows on the sleeves add a touch of eye-catching sophistication to the simple collocation, which is definitely a hit for passersby!

Wearing flared sleeves seems to exude elegance in every move!

The same color of high-grade gray with fried chicken has a texture, and the embellishment around the fungus is a little more retro.

Key 2: V-neck design

The ten yuan girl wore a lavender V-neck sweater + leopard print skirt + leather gray and often chic, and the silk scarf and socks are indispensable!

The short-haired female silver reveals a thin neck and a V-neck for a more refined clavicle. With the blessing of rose red lip color and high heels, it can also be sexy!

Another highlight of the V-neck design is the V-shaped pattern. The colors of white, blue, red, and brown collide together to withstand the British retro style, Gucci's design is very interesting!

Key 3: Slit sweater

This summer's hot slit elements are placed on the sweater to reflect the casual and unruly rushing.

Sweater skirts with side slits are most suitable for those who want to wear skirts but don't want to show their legs. It happens to be a combination of skirt + pants.

The baby who dare to try exaggerated side slits + layered wear can have a mix of leather + skirt + pants!

The front hem is tucked into the skirt, revealing the back hem, majestic!

Key 4: Hollow elements

The drop-shaped hollow patterns are combined like leaf veins, and gray is often suitable for perspective!

The blogger Yoyo Cao has a shirt inside, the sleeves are carefully exposed and the irregular skirt design is very professional.

This sweater comes from Isabel Marant's latest autumn and winter collection. Not expensive, only more than five thousand.

Key 5: Color stripes

Even if it has been popular for several seasons, the color bar elements still appear in fashion week. The simplest and rude way of matching is of course jeans, which are inseparable from leisure and comfort!

The A-line skirt is more suitable for babies with wide hips, and the sweater is tied into the skirt to make the legs longer.

With a long chiffon skirt, the walk is always gray and elegant, with fairy spirit.

Introduced so many sweaters, it's time to buy it!

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