6 best hairstyles for the weekend

2022-10-10 06:02

Hairband decoration extends charm

We always think that tying the hair with a headband is a little mature or informal! But you can take a look at Karlie Kloss's demonstration, tie a simple bow , or follow the trend more, replace it with the most popular velvet material! Wow, that picture , It's amazing to think about it!

French wave curls

It may be that the retro feelings of the past two years are too strong, which causes the fashion gentleman to look at this hairstyle more and more love! And really said that although this kind of curly hair is called French corrugated hair, it is exceptionally suitable for Chinese people! Cheongsam, carrying a handbag, red phoenix eyes, and red lips are really beautiful people! Pray again, cheongsam can become the mainstream of the world as soon as this year's night gown!

Comb a neat ponytail

Horsetail is a big trend this year, letting the hair close to the scalp, creating a capable impression . However, the fashion gentleman privately believes that this hairstyle is more suitable for girls with outstanding temperament or very three-dimensional features!

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