6 Chic Eyeliners That Make Your Beauty Different

2023-02-10 21:27

Sexy bright eyes are not as complicated as you might think. The six most eye-catching trendy eyeliners of the season can easily interpret the eye-catching bright eyes, and do not easily hit the makeup.

TREND: geometric lines

TOOL: Liquid eyeliner

TRICK: When drawing the eyeliner, make sure that the eyeliner meets the base of the lashes tightly. Then, just like the usual cat eye makeup, extend the line to the end of the eye, and then outline it inward. You can try several times to find the most suitable length and width of the eye end line according to your eye shape and face shape.

TREND: Extra long wing tail

TOOL: Liquid Eyeliner Gel

TRICK: Make sure to line the lashes close to the base of the lashes, curling up at the end of the eye and extending below the eyebrows. The exaggerated large wing shape can widen the eye line and make the face appear smaller. In addition, thickening the eyebrows with the same color eyebrow product can balance the eye makeup and perfectly echo the line of the end of the eye.

TREND: Double texture

TOOL: liquid eyeliner + gel eyeliner

TRICK: The upper eyelid uses a matte texture, and the lower eyelid uses a micro-shine texture. The combination of different texture lines makes the closed eye shape bigger and more attractive. At the same time, remember to brush the upper and lower lashes, which is the key to making the overall eye makeup more three-dimensional and bright.

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