7 myths about sunscreen

2022-07-07 09:45

1. Apply sunscreen only once a day.

Is it enough to just use sunscreen once a day? In fact, only once a day is often not enough, unless you are out for a short period of time. The frequency and interval of smearing should be determined according to the specific situation. Generally, the anti-sweat degree of sunscreen products is 30 minutes, and the degree of waterproofing is 80 minutes. If you are going to be outside for a long time, it is recommended to use sunscreen every few hours.

2. Go out immediately after applying sunscreen.

When the sunscreen has just been applied, the active ingredients of the sunscreen have not penetrated into the stratum corneum surface and cannot play the role of sunscreen, so it is recommended to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. For better sun protection, remember to apply sunscreen evenly, and in the dosage, it is best to apply 2 mg of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin.

3. The higher the SPF, the better

Many MMs think that the higher the SPF of the sunscreen products they choose, the better and longer-lasting the sunscreen effect will be, but this is not the case. Sunscreen products with too high SPF are more likely to block pores, which is not conducive to the perspiration of the skin and causes excessive burden on the skin.

4. Use leftover sunscreen from last year

Many diligent and thrifty MM usually think that the sunscreen that was opened last year has not been used up, so continue to use it this year! Don't waste it. In fact, the editor wants to tell you: this idea is very wrong! If the sunscreen is not used for a long time, it will deteriorate or clump, and the use of such sunscreen will not only work, but also damage our skin.

5. Don’t use sunscreen indoors

Watch out for windows! Sunlight can easily hit your skin through glass windows. Computers and lighting equipment that generate radiation in the office are also bad for the skin. Also pay attention to sun protection in the car, it is best to keep a spare sunscreen in the car.

6. Wear long sleeves without sun protection

Think you can omit sunscreen if you cover your body tightly? Clothes do have a physical sunscreen effect, but they differ depending on the material. For example, a white T-shirt has an SPF of only 3. When the clothes are wet with sweat, the sun protection function plummets. In summer, when the clothes are thin, sunscreen still needs to be used, and the parts covered by bikinis and sunglasses also need to be painted.

7. In seasons other than summer, you do not need to use sunscreen

Even in seasons other than summer, UV rays rob skin of moisture and damage skin tissue. Therefore, sun protection is a homework to be done all year round.

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