8 must have single products in summer travel cosmetic bag for small holiday

2022-06-28 10:02

Anesa Sunscreen Lotion

Reference price: 300.00 yuan

Product specifications: 60ml

When used for vacations and outdoor sports, it inhibits sweat but does not dry the skin. It has a super waterproof effect. It is especially suitable for the seaside, swimming, and other strong ultraviolet rays.

Dior Creamy Liquid Foundation

Reference price: 550.00 yuan

Product specifications: 30ml

This makeup foundation powder contains close to 20% active mineral water, so at the moment of application, it immediately brings a fresh and pleasant sensory experience to the skin. Day after day, it plays an indispensable role in promoting cell renewal and vitality, and the beauty is fading day by day. The makeup powder can be used alone or after the liquid foundation to create a silky and clear makeup effect.

Chanel Coco Miss Lipstick

Reference price: 300.00 yuan

Product specifications: 3.5g

The formula of Miss New Coco is the perfect combination of moisturizing and comfort. Chanel's unique HYDRATENDER complex provides 8 hours of moisturizing with just one swipe. The specially developed, high-quality, unique color factor enhances the comfort of the formula and gives the lips a silky, moisturizing effect. With all its creativity and technology, Chanel has always been loyal to the combination of black and gold colors, marking the classic packaging of this lipstick with the contemporary style of the "Coco era". The lipstick of Miss Chanel Coco is composed of 30 timeless, pure, and sparkling lipsticks. These colors are suitable for all kinds of occasions and moods, and they exude personality to the extreme.

Qismei Curling Mascara

Reference price: 155.00 yuan

Product specifications: 6g

I highly recommend women! Japanese sales broke one million in 2005. @cosme's best mascara ranked first! Almost all the products of this Kiss Me series packaged with the heroine of the Rose of Versailles comics are on sale, especially this mascara, which has been continuously selected as the king of mascara by major media since last year. The super curling effect makes the eyes look like the heroine in the comics, shining with brilliance and movement. It contains natural plant extracts to protect eyelashes from drying, injury, and breakage. extremely dense fiber, which brushes extremely dense, thick, dark, curled eyelashes. This is a quick-drying type that maintains the beautiful curve of eyelashes all day long.

Miss Dior Flower Eau De Toilette

Reference price: 590.00-1150.00 yuan

Product specifications: 30ml-100ml

Miss Dior Flower Eau De Toilette is also a harmonious fusion of flowers. Its elegant fragrance presents the delicate sensuality of spring flowers, with a soft floral fragrance. Delicate, gentle and blooming, Miss Dior Floral Eau de Toilette lingers in the scent of peony, exuding a different fragrance. This aromatic harmony is based on white musk, and sings the delicate fragrance of Sicilian citrus essence and rose essence.

Anna Sui's magic mirror

Reference price: 220.00 yuan

Product specifications: 1

The high-density painted mirror surface includes a magnified mirror surface, which is classical and romantic, and includes a magnifying glass for easy makeup use when going out.

Mentholatum Lebi Deodorant Body Spray

Reference price: 24.90 yuan

Product specifications: 50ml

Provides an instant cold feeling, dry and comfortable after use; the refreshing sweat-absorbent powder formula helps to absorb sweat, oil, and odor; the refreshing sweat-absorbent powder can be evenly distributed on the surface of the skin with the spray, leaving the skin dry and smooth; inhibits sweat secretion and prevents sweating; The growth of smelly bacteria; long-term antiperspirant effect; apply after bathing or before going out.

Magic Absorbent Facial Paper

Reference price: 150.00 yuan

Product specifications: one box (30 sheets)

This portable oil-absorbing facial paper leaves the skin fresh and non-greasy. It can erase or correct makeup. This is especially suitable for makeup artists, busy girls, and men who don't want to shine. Its model is larger and is the only oil-absorbing tissue made of special patented materials. The packaging is tight and stylish.

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