818 China Makeup Artist Conference China's fashion industry makeup artist industry event

2022-10-31 06:02

After more than 20 years of rapid development, China's beauty industry has become the fifth largest consumption hotspot after real estate, automobiles, tourism, and electronic communications, both in terms of the proportion of GDP and the proportion of the tertiary industry. , becoming the only industry in China that has continued to grow at a rate of no less than 15% for 25 years. In 2015, there were 22 million practitioners in the national beauty industry; every year, hundreds of millions of people served makeup, eyelashes, tattoos, and beauty services. According to the "China Beauty Economic Report Annual Report", the output value of the beauty industry has exceeded 700 billion.

The makeup industry is full of chaos and has been criticized

Although the makeup industry is developing rapidly and the number of practitioners is increasing day by day, the overall makeup industry is still uneven, the quality and level of practitioners are different, and the fluidity is large; the service items between beauty agencies are different, and there is a lack of standardization. There is vicious competition in the industry, disrupting the normal industry development order; industry operating expenses remain high, customers are short, and profit margins are reduced. The various drawbacks behind the rapid development of the cosmetic industry are being criticized by the industry, and it is urgent to seek a new breakthrough.

China Makeup Artists Federation sets a new benchmark for the industry

On August 18, 2015, at the first China Makeup Artists Conference, in order to unite the strength of makeup artists across the country and standardize the development order of the makeup industry. The China Makeup Artists Federation was announced at the meeting that day.

At the inauguration ceremony, the All-China Makeup Artists Federation released the "White Paper on China's Cosmetic Industry" for the first time. The China Makeup Artists Federation is the first makeup industry organization in China with makeup artists as the main body of the industry. The Federation is mainly initiated and established by senior makeup stylists at home and abroad, which are mainly engaged in makeup-related services, learning and training, Internet platforms, cosmetic brands, O2O platforms and domestic and foreign senior makeup stylists. It aims to promote the self-discipline of the industry and guide the healthy development of the makeup industry by gathering the power of makeup artists across the country. In addition, the platform maximizes the value of makeup artists and adds color to makeup artists' spare time by providing business sources, organizing friendship activities, learning exchange activities, and technology sharing sessions. The China Makeup Artists Federation will promote the healthy development of the makeup industry through a series of measures such as the formulation of industry standards and the establishment of platforms, and set a new industry benchmark for the entire makeup industry.

Industry Ceremony: 818 China Makeup Artist Conference

In order to strive for more rights for makeup artists, tattoo artists, eyelash artists and other beauticians, the All-China Makeup Artists Federation has designated August 18 as a festival for makeup artists. This day is the birthday of all beauticians. . The annual 818 China Makeup Artist Conference has officially become an annual event in the Chinese fashion industry makeup artist industry. The 818 China Makeup Artist Conference is currently the most authoritative industry conference in the domestic beauty industry, and it is also a new starting point to promote the faster development of the makeup artist industry. Fashion leaders, industry leaders, principals of makeup agencies, experts, beauticians, and media professionals from all over the world gathered together to provide high-level, A high-level platform for display, communication and dissemination, to celebrate the grand ceremony.

On August 18, 2016, the All-China Makeup Artists Federation and Qiaomao, the leading domestic beauty industry 020 platform, will jointly hold the 2nd China Makeup Artist Conference "Beauty Without Borders Art Inheritance". The whole conference will be divided into famous teacher technical training camp, China Star Makeup Artist Awards Ceremony and many other exciting links. At that time, a number of fashion giants, popular film and television stars in the entertainment industry, and foreign makeup artists will be invited to attend and share their experiences and experiences with more young makeup artists.

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