A beautiful garland bun enhances the value of beauty

2022-07-29 11:22

It is the nature of every girl to love beauty, so don't miss any opportunity to enhance your beauty. Today , the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School has brought a super beautiful wreath hair bun, a good tool to enhance the value of the face! You who love beauty, look over and put this bun into your bag.

Step1: Divide the hair into two parts, the left and right parts, the dividing line does not need to be very neat, but should be random, so that the hair lines after the winding will look better.

Step2: Braid the divided hairs on the left and right sides with French braids. After all the hair is added to the braids, start to braid the three-strand braids and braid them until the ends of the hair are tied with rubber bands.

Step3: Pull the right hair under the left ear, fix it with a hair clip, then pull the left hair to the right, fix it with a hair clip and hide the hair tail.

Step4: Spray an appropriate amount of styling water to make the overall hairstyle longer.

Step5: Finally, you can embellish it with flowers or beautiful hair accessories to make the garland bun more

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