A curling iron or a splint can also make a variety of short hair styles

2022-06-20 10:19

In recent years, more and more girls have cut short hair, saying that short hair is easy to take care of, but there are only a few types of hairstyles. Don't girls with short hair have any styling changes? No need to go to the barber shop to find a tony, a curling iron, or a splint. Every day is different for you.

cute egg roll head

This retro and cute egg roll head is very tender, and the casual wavy roll can also modify the face shape. If you don't have a special curling iron for the egg roll head, you can choose a splint and a mini electric curling iron, and you can easily make an egg roll head.

Step1: Divide the hair into 3 layers first, and use the splint to bend the innermost layer like an adduction.

Step2: Next, iron the middle layer and the top layer to create a wave feeling in a "bend back and forth" method.

Step3: Use a mini curling iron to curl the bangs and the roots of the hair, and curl the outer hair at will to increase the messiness and sexiness.

Step4: Apply the hair oil, grab the fluffy and shape it up, and you're done.

All-match inside bend

This short haircut is more common, and it is very easy to get started. The curling iron and the splint, whichever you have on hand, are fine.

Step1: Divide the hair into 3 layers first. Then use a curling iron or a splint to buckle the bottom layer like an inward button.

Step2: After the middle layer and the outermost layer, first iron about 1/3 of the hair root outward to create a layer. Then the end of the hair is permed with volume. This arc is more natural, and the effect of modifying the face shape will be better.

Step3: Finally, use a curling iron or a splint to create a radian on the hair on both sides, and iron the bangs to create a sense of movement.

Intellectual Nature Behind the Ear Roll

Ol family's favorite intellectual hairstyle Capable and feminine, you can do it with a large curling iron and a curler.

Step1: Layer the hair, and iron each layer with a curling iron in the direction of the inner button + turn.

Step2: Take the same amount of hair on the uppermost layer on the left and right sides, and then iron it by flipping + turning twice. The purpose is to create the splayed bangs on the sides of the cheeks, which is also the key to this hairstyle.

Step3: Finally, use a hair curler to heat the bangs with a hair dryer. And with the rear hair finished, the whole look is complete.

Three simple and easy-to-use hairstyles, whether you have short or medium-length hair, you can easily get!

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MA CHÉRIE Essence Oil Repair & Styling Milk

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