A suspender skirt with eight different styles, Zhong Chuxi can still wear it

2022-08-22 06:02

Article source: COSMO Fashion Office

Original title: There are eight styles of a suspender skirt, and Zhong Chuxi can still wear it

Sister Zhong has reached a new height of beauty!

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen Sister Zhong’s performance in "The King of Crossover Singer"? ! When singing "Refusal to Play Anymore", a dark blue sequined slim dress was too Hong Kong, and the highly saturated royal blue burst into dazzling light on the stage.

With the design of the water stage, it is simply beautiful and attractive. This is not Disney's escape mermaid! ?

The other blue satin suspender dress is also very beautiful, charming and sexy, and the retro style is just right.

Everyone knows that Sister Zhong loves suspender skirts, and she also has a variety of different styles in private.

My favorite recently is a champagne polka-dot suspender skirt that is noble and sexy, and a green butterfly skirt is fresh and cool. A good figure can't stop it, so I admire it.

It can be said that summer without a suspender skirt has no soul. The suspender skirt that can switch between innocent and sexy and elegant is definitely your best summer life guide!

Create different styles


The retro checkered elements are like gorgeous and subtle classical art, retro and fashionable, making the hot summer less bored and more intellectual and elegant.

The black and white checkered suspender skirt is the best contestant to interpret the literary girl. The simple checkered suspender skirt on the upper body is full of the feeling of the day and the blockbuster, and it is a proper artifact to reduce the age.

Sisters who want to be more girly and younger can also try the candy color series~ You see, Zhang Li Youmu, who wears a red plaid suspender skirt, is a bit of a young girl's inner taste!

Wave Point-Literature and Art

The simple black and white polka dot comes with a fresh and elegant literary atmosphere. You see, a black and white cotton polka dot skirt on the upper body of Ruth, which has always been sweet, has a little familiarity of a little woman.

Speaking of "polka dots", our sister Zhong is indispensable. The polka dot suspender skirts of various styles and colors are worn on her with the retro modern charm of Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s.

Broken flowers-fresh

When the feminine suspender skirt is matched with a large area of ​​broken flowers, the back of the upper body is immediately full of the breeze and summer flavor, which brings out the unique charm of girls.

The small broken flowers that will be popular every summer, coupled with the super vigorous color system, are more girlish, and match the bright and energetic summer atmosphere~

You see, Sister Guangxi holds small flowers, long hair and waist, with small stars + small broken flowers on her skirt, turning into a walking summer pictorial.

Gao Yuanyuan, who has her own unique charm in everything she wears, the floral suspender dress on her body is more than just a girlish feeling, just like a fairy wandering through the greenery.


Tired of playing with the pure and young girly style, the satin suspender skirt has turned into a weapon for female stars to create high-end sexy style in the hot summer, and you can win a lot without any effort.

The satin-textured suspender skirt is as "private" as pajamas and petticoats. Two simple suspenders seem to fall at once. The simple lines can highlight the subtle sexy.

European and American wear and match bloggers have almost one hand, not only sexy and sultry, but also exudes a different kind of French romantic sophistication.

Fashionable guys wear it like this

If you feel too mediocre to wear a small sling alone, you might as well learn how to wear these fashionistas~

Just add some "materials"

First, let’s take a look at our classmate Zhao. This denim suspender skirt is mixed with some new tricks: very thin shoulder straps + twisted neckline, adding a lot of yards to the original ordinary denim suspender skirt, and the punk and retro tone is simply unnecessary. Too rich.

The most immortal part of Nazha's suspender dress is on this shoulder strap. The gauze shoulder strap is tied with a bow, giving it a fairy air and a sense of sophistication.

Wu Xuanyi even put on the sleeves directly. The ever-changing wear of summer suspender skirts starts with the flexible sleeves, let alone, it is really so unique~

Extra lining

Sling skirts and shirts are not too new to play. In addition to highlighting the layered beauty of the layered wear, the two main points of matching are: the greater the color contrast, the more eye-catching.

Brother Shanzhi's pale yellow dress is matched with a white shirt, and the fresh sea breeze can be smelled across the screen, which is artistic and sweet.

The smaller the color contrast, the more revealing your figure. Manually extend the figure curve.

Meiqi, who is becoming more and more gangster, wears slings and folds, which is a playful twist. The black rivet sling skirt with black lining, highlights the slender figure~

Put it on

Sisters who like to walk in cool styles must learn to wear them outside. Not only are they the coolest cubs in the whole street of Slay, but they can also be effective physical sun protection!

When the weather is cooler, you can put on a thicker coat.

+ Tweed jacket = the wealthy daughter in Korean dramas!

+Denim jacket=Comfortable, natural and full of vitality!

+ Suit = Never go wrong, full aura!

Choice of neckline

Seeing this, it is estimated that the sisters have already planted a grassland, but girls with big breasts or a little fleshy upper body will also have a lot of worries, in fact, they can solve it by choosing the right neckline.

Flat Neck Sling

The flat-cut square collar is the choice of fashionable people in the past two years, and it is also the most secure one for girls. The clever design modifies the upper body very well, and the overall vision can be a lot lighter, and girls with fleshy arms can be boldly worn.

U-shaped sling

Also very popular is the U-shaped sling, which is another choice for conservative girls. The point is that it is very friendly to girls with small breasts, and the effect of showing big breasts is amazing!

V neck strap

The most standard configuration has to say that the V-neck is sexy and can visually extend the line between the jaw and the neck, giving you a direct PS on the clavicle part. Combining with the above-mentioned rule of putting on a coat, come up with a kind of skin that is faintly visible and can be easily seduced.

COCO feels that it is not that difficult to control the goddess suspender skirt. Thin girls can show graceful figures while wearing them, and fat girls can also have a pure and lustful feeling. Sisters who are still not confident, they can be beautiful even when wearing a coat in autumn!

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