Bright makeup makes you the highlight of the annual meeting

2022-10-14 14:03

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply across the country, so I am afraid that there is no chance for small dresses and miniskirts to appear at the annual meeting. When we go to the annual meeting, we still put warmth first, and we don't want to dress well, as long as we don't make mistakes. good. Therefore, in the face of this "coolest in history" annual meeting, a brilliant makeup will definitely become the place where you should use your heart the most.

Although Korean makeup has become popular all over China, it is better to play a little different tricks for the annual meeting. Korean nude makeup is definitely not a good choice for the annual meeting. Trying a kawaii Japanese makeup will definitely bring you a different feeling.

Annual Meeting Makeup Top 1: Flawless base makeup allows you to easily cross the pass line

You know, no matter how superb your makeup skills are, a flawless base is the first step to success. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, you have a busy face and long bags, stay up late to work and have dark circles under your eyes uninvited. I know all these. So the base makeup is more important.

If your skin has been irritated recently, you can use different shades of products to create your base makeup, which can not only lay a good foundation for concealer work in the base makeup link, but also make the entire face more three-dimensional.

For dark circles or pimples with blemishes, choose an effective concealer to continue to eliminate them. If your annual meeting is long, it is forgotten to use loose powder to set the makeup to ensure the long-lasting effect of the base makeup.

Top 2 of annual meeting scheming makeup: pattern eyeliner allows you to easily break through 80 points

Japanese makeup usually creates innocent eye makeup, which is very lovable, but during the annual meeting, it is not bad to choose a slightly exaggerated or colored eyeliner in another way.

In the creation of makeup for the annual meeting, we can try bold colors. Pink eye makeup will increase your femininity and is a good choice. In addition, choosing a color eyeliner with pearlescent texture can also instantly Let your eye-catching degree soar to explode.

Top 3 makeup for the annual meeting

Girls who are always competing with Korean makeup, have you almost forgotten that there is a single product of blush? At the annual meeting, quickly take out the blush at the bottom of the press box and make it a magic weapon for your makeup to win.

There are usually two very classic blushes for Japanese makeup – pink and coral, both of which are very beautiful, and you can choose according to your own preferences.

Pink blush will have a significant age-reducing effect, making you look pure and lively, and it is an unmissable choice for little girls who are just entering the workplace.

Coral-colored blushes will make you look more charming and feminine. It is definitely worth trying for OLs who have some experience or girls who are mature and sexy.

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