AB also loves peach makeup. It is now popular to apply blush to the eyes!

2022-07-22 18:26

The latest hot peach blush makeup is a new favorite for celebrities and models. Its characteristics not only make you look good, but also make you feel slightly drunk.

If you look carefully, you will find that AB's blush starts to smudge from the corner of the eye, which is higher than the conventional blush. Don't underestimate the distance of this blush, maybe this is the ladder for you to change from a passerby to a goddess.

Japanese makeup is to carry the sweetness to the end, so that you are wrapped in a pink icing.

If you want to upgrade the cuteness, the blush can be applied in parallel. The area does not need to be too much, but the color of the blush must be obvious. With such pink cheeks, do you really want to take a bite! Come and learn with the editor, the painting method of peach blush!

Step1: Gently smudge the blush with your fingers, starting from the edge under the eyes. Don't just apply it to the apple muscle! Start smudged from the end of the eye first, the color should not be in place at one time, and the blush should be superimposed in a small amount.

Step2: Because the peach blush gradually comes from under the eyes, the darkest color is the position of the lower apple muscle. At this time, you only need to add a little blush to the place where the laughing muscle is, to make the layer more obvious.

Step3: Finally, use a large blush brush to lightly smudge the cheeks to make the color transition more natural. When smearing, do not apply in circular motions, just swipe in parallel.

Tips: There are skills in choosing blush for different skin tones

Fair-skinned: I really don’t choose colors for fair skin. If I have to choose the best color, it’s pink and light rose red.

Yellowish: MM with yellowish skin must avoid orange blushes. Bright pink with pearl, is the best choice to improve the skin.

Wheat: Wheat skin is really flattering, with a touch of bronzer and rosy blush to make wheat skin more sexy.

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