Acne and goose bumps? Learn about early autumn body care

2022-05-30 16:28

What is the cause of acne on the chest and back?

Compared with other areas of the body, the sebaceous glands on the front chest and back are more densely distributed, which means that oil is more likely to be released and the pores are larger. Once sanitation is not done, bacteria and mites will multiply and cause acne inflammation.

To improve this problem, we must first pay attention to cleansing. While using shower gel or soap every day, apply body care products containing salicylic acid or fruit acid after the bath. Pay attention to fresh and breathable clothes when you wear daily clothes. You can get some talcum powder before going to bed if you sweat easily. In addition, it is rainy and humid in late summer and early autumn. If your body is prone to sweating and oily, you should pay attention to cleaning and changing bedding once a week as much as possible. .

Skin pimple is the common name of keratosis pilaris. Lack of skin moisturization and poor keratin metabolism are the main reasons. You can try fruit acid or salicylic acid body lotion. Use it 3 times a week. Use regular moisturizing Body lotion at other times. Salt can remove aging keratin, but after using it, shower and rinse again to avoid dryness and irritation.

When you usually take a bath, in addition to a special moisturizing bath agent, you can also add brown sugar or honey, which also has a good moisturizing effect. While making sure to use body lotion every day, don't forget to add softener to reduce friction when washing personal clothes and bedding. It is also helpful to improve scaling. If the effect of using body lotion is not obvious, it means that the skin is not only dehydrated, but also lacking in oil nourishment. You can try body oil. After bathing, massage the whole body when the whole body is wet. After a little absorption, dry it with a towel, and then apply body lotion or a more mellow body cream.

In addition, there are some dry skin problems because the skin's own oil secretion is reduced, and it is easy to dry and itchy, so use body lotion to enhance the moisturizing effect. Most body skin itching is due to dryness, but there is another cause that is easily overlooked, and that is neurodermatitis. In addition, if there are small bumps on the surface of the skin, you need to check whether it is eczema or a viral infection.

The dullness of the body is probably due to insufficient moisturization and slow metabolism of keratin pigments. You can use whitening and moisturizing body lotion to improve it. You can also add whitening essence to body lotion and apply it to the whole body. If you want to keep your skin fair, don't forget to apply sunscreen products on the exposed parts of your body during the day to isolate the tanning and photoaging problems caused by ultraviolet rays.

Lips are peeling all year round

The lips are not actually covered by real skin, but a thin mucous membrane. Therefore, the lips themselves do not have sebaceous glands and will not secrete oil to moisturize and protect themselves. Therefore, if you don't use lip balm to moisturize, you will be dry. It is also because the lips are prone to dryness, so when choosing to buy lip balm, it is recommended to choose products that contain some closed-type moisturizing ingredients, such as petrolatum, mineral oil, and beeswax. When your lips are dry and peeling, you can't pick, tear, or lick them often. This will damage the protective function of the mucous membrane and make the lips more dry and fragile.

Most lip masks contain water-soluble moisturizing ingredients, which are relatively low in oil content, so even if they can temporarily replenish moisture, they cannot effectively lock water. Therefore, after using the lip mask, be sure to apply another layer of lip balm. In addition, excessive accumulation of dead skin on the lips will also aggravate dryness. At this time, you can use a lip scrub to clean it up. In addition, although moisture is important to the body, the moisture in the skin and mucous membranes is not easily replenished by drinking plenty of water, so moisturizing products have an irreplaceable effect on care.

Once angular cheilitis or periodontitis is difficult to improve with lip balm or lip mask, it is recommended to use some ointments containing B vitamins or antibiotic ointments, such as erythromycin ointment. When buying lipstick, it is recommended to choose some products that contain oil, sugar, and hyaluronic acid. In addition, moisturize before applying makeup. Once the body's B vitamins and vitamin C are lacking, it will cause skin and mucous membrane problems. You must pay attention to eating more fruits and whole grains in your diet. If necessary, you can take a multivitamin supplement orally.

To lighten the lip color, the first thing to do is sunscreen. Remember to use a lip balm with SPF index during the day to prevent lip aging and dryness. The skin around the lips will also show fine lines with age. You can try applying eye cream without irritating ingredients or a special anti-wrinkle eye and lip cream on the lips. The eye skin is also thin and easy to dry, so this type of product It can also help repair and nourish the lips.

How to soften the skin of hands and feet?

There are many reasons for barbs on the hands, the most common ones are dryness, static electricity, and lack of vitamin C. Pay attention to the moisturizing of the hands, especially the skin around the nail bed, wear gloves when doing housework, and add more water-soluble vitamin C. The barbs can be trimmed, but don't tear them, they can easily cause bleeding. Long-term long barbs should be supplemented with vitamins. If you need to clean them regularly, you can do it when your skin is soft after bathing.

Scrubs can help to remove aging cuticles. If not, you can also use regular crystalline sugar particles instead. However, if your palms often peel, you should consider whether there is a fungal infection (tinea hand). After washing your hands, rub the exfoliation with white sugar when the skin of your hands is soft. After washing, apply hand cream or white petroleum jelly, then put on disposable gloves to isolate the air and increase the temperature. Take it off after about 30 minutes. 

The friction force on the feet is more and greater, so it is drier than other places. Apply thick foot cream or petroleum jelly, wrap in plastic wrap and then put on thick socks every day after taking your feet. The problem of cracking will be improved the next day.

The calf and feet are often rough and cracked. This is a typical ichthyosis, which is affected by genetic factors. There is no effective way to cure it. It is recommended to use urea ointment and vitamin E cream for external use. If necessary, oral isovitamins can also be prescribed by the doctor. A acid. Foot trimmers and grindstones should be used when the foot skin is moist and soft, otherwise it will hurt the skin and cause pain. In addition, apply foot cream as soon as possible after use to moisturize.

Foot skin may have pigmentation problems due to friction, sun, etc., so you can apply whitening hand cream or other whitening products. In addition, many girls have the problem of cold hands and feet. If the feet are cold, you can try to soak your feet with mugwort foot powder every day, and then apply some body lotion and foot cream containing warm ginger or capsaicin and massage it. It will be very good to the effect of promoting peripheral circulation.

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