Aekyung Kona Silk Shampoo Delicate from Scratch

2022-03-04 19:26

The sophistication of girls is to start from scratch. As the saying goes, hair is a woman's second face. It can be seen that maintaining your hair is just as important as maintaining your skin.

But as the temperature rises, the troubles about hair also follow. Although I wash it every day, my hair will be oily and smelly in the afternoon, which greatly reduces my image. And some delicate girls' hair is not only refreshing and fluffy, but also has a faint fragrance. The distance between you and a delicate girl may be a bottle of shampoo. Aekyung Kona shampoo is their secret weapon. In addition to repairing damaged hair and keeping it fresh, it can also leave the hair with a charming fragrance anytime, anywhere. Today, let's take a look at what is unique about Aekyung Kona Silk Shampoo.

Aekyung Kona Silk Shampoo can make hair clean and non-greasy without damaging the hair and irritating the scalp. The most commendable thing is its long-lasting fragrance. Kona Silk Shampoo, the raw materials are all taken from natural plants, the top notes, middle notes and back notes of each fragrance type are distinct, high-end and unique. Aekyung Kona Washing Silk perfectly combines shampoo and fragrance technology, so it won the best design award in the famous competition, and was also named "the most popular shampoo fragrance for men". It is very thoughtful that Aekyung Kona Silk Shampoo is also equipped with a corresponding conditioner, so that the hair can be further nourished and repaired after cleaning.

There are five types of shampoo in the Kona Silk Perfume series, which meet the needs of different types of girls. Kona Silk Shampoo comes in five fragrances. The first is the sweet girly type, which tastes like the love of a young girl's first love, which makes your heart flutter. The second is the intellectual and elegant type, with a natural fragrance like spring morning dew, presenting you with a fresh and pleasant day. The third is the confident and capable type, which can fully reflect the elegance and sensibility of modern women. The fourth fragrance is pure and lovely, smart and charming, shining and confident. The fifth is a delicate and ladylike type, which is like being in a sea of ​​flowers, showing fragrance and vitality.

According to the tone of the product, Kona Silk Shampoo also invited South Korean actress Pei Suzy to be the spokesperson of the series. Its beautiful and changeable image is in line with the products of Kona Silk Shampoo, which perfectly interprets the highlights of Kona Silk Washing Shampoo, and is deeply loved and supported by the majority of fans! Gentle and demure or playful and confident, they all blend perfectly with different types of fragrances. Friends who want to get the same style as Xiuzhi, but get started quickly!

In addition, the price of Kona Silk Shampoo is very affordable, even the student party can buy it, it can be said to be cheap and easy to use. Due to the popularity of Kona's silk washing network, many imitations and fakes have begun to appear on the market! Genuine Kona Silk Shampoo has a pure scent and a botanical aroma, while imitations taste inferior. You can also tell from the packaging, the genuine packaging is neat and smooth, the fonts are clearly printed and neatly arranged. Everyone must look for the genuine product~ Now you can go to the Xiaohongshu APP or Tmall official store to buy it.

To be a delicate girl, you have to start from scratch! Everyone please pay attention!

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