Affordable and easy-to-use eye cream, I bet you will definitely be excited

2022-07-27 16:51

Some time ago, the assistant posted an article "8 Douban Dramas You Must Watch!" After the article, many sisters pushed a lot of good-looking variety shows and online dramas in the comment area. In order to live up to everyone's wishes, Xiaobian The assistant stays up late every night to catch up on dramas, and it's a cool thing to watch!

But it was cool to follow the drama for a while. Looking at the crematorium in the mirror, the little assistant suddenly found two fine lines on the corner of his eyes today! ! ! Annoyed, I immediately decided to arrange the eye cream for myself. After doing a lot of homework, I found several eye creams with high cost performance. Interested sisters will follow me to see~

Kiehl's Avocado Moisturizing Eye Cream

Main function: moisturizing, relieve dryness

This light green avocado eye cream from Kiehl's has a texture a bit like a lotion. Because the ingredients contain shea butter, the moisturizing effect is very good!

swisse argan anti-aging eye cream

Main functions: moisturizing, anti-aging

The texture of the light yellow lotion is a little thick but it is easy to spread, and the moisturizing degree is better. Because it contains nut butter, it is a little greasy, but it is within the acceptable range, but everyone should avoid using too much, otherwise it will grow fat particles~

Anmudan rose eye cream

Main functions: lighten fine lines and dark circles, anti-aging and anti-oxidation

This eye cream has a gel texture, it is very moisturizing and absorbs super fast. Because it contains a variety of eye care ingredients such as rose extract and caffeine, it has excellent anti-oxidation and whitening effects. It can be used as an anti-aging eye cream with a high cost performance!

Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle Eye Cream

Main function: anti-blue light, dilute fine lines

Excellent contestants in the eye cream category. The texture is thick but not greasy at all. When using it, you can feel that the skin around the eyes is delicately moisturized. Persistent use can improve fine lines, but the price is a little expensive.

Japan SANA soy milk skin moisturizing eye cream

Main functions: moisturizing, improving dark circles, anti-aging

The texture of Japanese soy milk eye cream is delicate, and the ingredients contain natural soy milk essence and collagen, which can improve eye puffiness. Although it can be used for any skin type, the assistant still recommends oily skin to be cautious, because there may be excess nutrition~

The above are the recommendations of the little assistant. I hope that after using the eye cream, chasing dramas and swiping mobile phones will no longer be a roadblock for the sisters to become beautiful. However, I also want to remind everyone that there are various eye creams on the market, and sisters must buy them rationally according to their own needs~

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