After I bought 20 pieces of blush with a celebrity sweeping blush

2022-07-18 20:40

There is a saying that goes well: "If your blush is good, your boyfriend is in the college entrance examination." It is not simply that blush can help you reduce age and look more tender, but also implies that it is not easy to play blush well.

Don't look at blush as the finishing touch of makeup, it seems to be superficial. In fact, it is possible for the entire makeup to be a blush, or a blush to fail.

Maybe you also swipe the blush twice when you remember it, and skip it when you have no time? Or just swiping casually as if it was no different from not painting, and for the sake of color development, I made myself a plateau red, a monkey butt, and a flower girl?

Why do the ladies and sisters wear blush like that, and that's how I am? Don't doubt your blush, it may be a technical problem.

First of all, you need to find out whether your style today is suitable for painting blush. Like many celebrities, they don't have blush when they attend events or shoot blockbusters. Imagine flawless matte base makeup, delicate red lips, little black dress, as if any blush has destroyed this high-end and atmosphere. Instead of painting, it is more advanced and glamorous.

But our daily painting of blush can not only make our complexion look better, but also improve the facial structure. Whether you are a sweet Japanese girl or a European and American hot girl, blush can add luster to your overall style, just find the right blush and painting method that suits you. 

Blush? Cheek powder? Blush? Blush?

Blush shows complexion, color is very important. Choosing the right color is the basis for a good blush, and it is the same as lipstick. We can't just look at the color test picture in a certain book and think it looks good. At least we have to think about it. Is this color suitable for me? Different colors are suitable for yellow skin and white skin.

For the yellow-skinned sisters who are more selective in color, try to choose orange tones, red tones, brown tones... Warm-colored blushes, age-reducing and complexion, are less prone to mistakes. One more word, Kimura Mitsuki finally found his suitable style and makeup~beautiful! !

Although the pink-purple blush is very fairy and girly, it is easy to step on thunder when used on a yellow-skinned face. Because it doesn't blend with the skin color, it feels like it floats on the face, and it's a trivial matter to appear black and yellow, and it's easy to be rustic.

Yellow skin recommended

Summer limited two-tone highlighter blush palette #Coral

LA girl

Monochrome Blush #GBL 484 Just Peachy

HASHTAG well me

China vitamin C pinball machine liquid blush #風go coffee beans

Fairies with fair skin are self-willed towards color, and most of them can handle it. They are only good-looking and better-looking, and they are more suitable for blush, otherwise they will look dull because they are too white. However, light-colored blushes with pink and purple tones are more natural and soft, making them look good without being obtrusive. Just like Jisoo, a cute little white rabbit.

However, for the white-skinned girls, the cheek yellows that have been popular before are more likely to appear morbid.

White skin recommendation

Natasha Denona

Mini Blush Shine Palette

Royal Embossed Rouge #N02-Clear Milk Powder

Trimming? Pretending to be tender? You decide where to draw

If the blush needs to be painted, we will paint it. The first one in this poster does not allow you to take a brush and swipe it on your face, and you're done. According to the face shape, according to your style, draw the blush that can add points.

According to the more common blush painting methods, the editors are roughly divided into the repairing category and the tender category.

Saerom Min

When it comes to contouring, the effect of blush on the cheekbones is still very obvious. From the face to the face, swipe on the protruding cheekbones, and the "middle" to the position below the eyeballs. In this fast area, sweep from the outside to the inside, try not to go back and forth, the shadow effect is more obvious.

The color of the cheekbones blush is suitable for choosing a darker color than the skin tone, so that the shadow effect will be better.

European and American hot girls are also more suitable for such blush painting.

Sisters with long faces can also use blush to improve the facial structure. Put the blush on the area below the cheekbones and above the nose.

Sweep horizontally to visually shorten the length of the atrium.

Apple muscle blush belongs to all-purpose blush and is also an entry-level blush. It can be used for tenderness or repair. Swipe on the apple skin, if you want to make the face fuller, choose a whiter blush with a brightening effect.

The method of swiping blush with a smile is really not feasible. Not only is it not refreshing, but it also looks sagging in the face.

It's ok to swipe it on your cheek when you're expressionless

The little cutie who wants to pretend to be tender has come over. At present, blush and temple blush are worth a try. Control the range not too large, and the border should not be too dead, smudged. Looking in the mirror and wanting to shout: "Kawaii"

Like sunburn blush, slightly drunk blush... This kind of blush with a very concave shape is not included in daily makeup. If you want to take picnic photos, spring outing photos, etc., you can use it to enhance the atmosphere.

Poster Cabinet Sister Warm Reminder

If you have acne-prone skin, don't choose blushes with pearlescent shimmers, which will magnify the blemishes on your face. Choose a matte powder blush for a more clean look.

The blush brush should not be too large, otherwise it will be difficult to control the range, just a little smaller.

Blush cream and liquid blush should be used with sponge eggs, and round sponge eggs should be selected. This diamond-shaped and angular shape will make the edges of the blush have obvious marks.

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