Teach you to do after sun repair

2022-08-10 20:27

As soon as August arrives, the yellow high temperature warning in the magic capital has become a commonplace. The horsepower of the sun is getting stronger every day, and it has to show the hot momentum of "Am I super strong".

This editor's face is about to peel off, help! It's really not far from becoming a "charcoal-roasted rabbit".

Although I hate the sun, the editor is not Hou Yi, so I can't shoot the sun for my wives, so let's honestly do sunscreen and after-sun care!

In fact, many babies know the importance of sun protection, but they tend to ignore after-sun maintenance. In fact, after-sun maintenance is as important as sun protection.

After all, sunburn no joke to play, ranging from facial redness, drying, while itching, disfigured, today small series to come and have a chat, how they deal with sunburn.

Please prepare a small book, Xiaobian class is starting!

What is sunscreen.

Before we talk about after-sun care, we must first understand what is a sunburn? Standing under the sun for half an hour ≠ sunburn, we are not so precious.

You are only considered to be sunburned by UV rays if you have the following symptoms:

Mild sunburn: redness, itching.

If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, the skin will appear redness, itching, etc. At this time, please do a cooling treatment immediately, such as showering water.

After some series of cooling measures, if the situation is alleviated, it means that it is just a mild sunburn, and it is not a big problem. If you take good care of it, you can save it. The specific measures will be discussed later.

Moderate sunburn: redness, stinging.

If you've been in the sun for more than 5 hours, there's a chance of redness and more tingling discomfort. If this happens, don't panic. The first step is to cool down. If there is no effect, then congratulations on your rise to a level. This is moderate sunburn.

Although the reaction is a little bigger, it's still not a big problem (you don't need to go to the hospital!), you can use some soothing cosmetics for repair, and it will give everyone Amway in a while!

Severe sunburn: blisters, peeling.

The first two kinds of sunburns are trivial, and this third level is the dangerous level! Not only will blisters and peeling skin conditions appear, but it will also make your entire human eye look like gold stars and make you feel nauseous.

At this time, go straight to the hospital, short rest and skin care products can't have a good effect.

Why get sunburned?

There are thousands of people in the world, why are you the only one getting sunburned? Are you the Chosen Son 0.0?

No! Everything has a cause and effect, the editor guarantees that you must have failed to do these three points!

①Do not do sunscreen work!

The root of all evil for sunburn is lack of sun protection! Some wives go out very wildly, and dare to "run streaking" on the street in short-sleeved shorts without wearing sunscreen!

This is throwing your unprotected body into the fire pit. The ultraviolet rays hit your skin directly. Who will get sunburn if you don't get sunburned?

②The sunscreen is not applied properly!

At this time, another wife will stand up and say, "I wear sunscreen, why am I getting sunburned?"

Then you have to reflect on whether you are too frugal in normal times, and only paint a whine every time, or just to be lazy, so-so to deal with the business.

listen! Sunscreen has to be applied in the specified amount to play the basic effect, usually the size of a 1 yuan coin. And whether it is sunscreen or sunscreen spray, there are time constraints and need to be reapplied in time.

③ Too much reliance on soft sunscreen!

In addition to the amount not up to standard, sometimes too much trust in sunscreen, of course it won't work. No matter how strong the sunscreen is, it is impossible to truly protect against UV rays without dead ends.

Believe in yourself, it is better to believe in hard sunscreen. Usually hurry up, open more umbrellas, and apply both soft and hard to have better sun protection effect. If you are not afraid of the sweltering heat, you can prepare sunscreen clothing, sun hats, and sunscreen masks for yourself.

How to repair after sunburn?

Come on, today's core dish! If the previous points are not done well, the wives should take the follow-up repair seriously!

Soothing! Soothing! Soothing!

The capillaries that have been exposed to the sun will become abnormally large, so large that the skin will experience a severe burning sensation. The soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. If the skin is too hot, let it cool down first and get full relief.

As mentioned above, physical cooling should be performed first after sunburn. Of course, it is not for you to put ice cubes directly on the wound without thinking. Extreme cooling behavior will aggravate the pain of the skin.

In addition to running cold water, a soothing spray can also come in handy, and choose an alcohol-free, especially mild one.

FRESH's mandarin duck mask is very satisfying to me, both in terms of novelty and experience! The textures and main effects of both sides are different, and using them together brings me a sense of security with both moisturizing and moisturizing!

The yellow side is a gel-textured essence mask, which is mainly responsible for moisturizing, and the other side is some heavy cream, which can firmly lock the skin's moisture.

Bunny will wait for the gel mask to be absorbed every time, and then apply the cream mask without washing, and the face will be hydrated the next day.

Whitening! Whitening! Whitening!

In addition to damaged skin, sunburn has a very scary consequence! That will turn black! Ultraviolet rays will make melanin soar in your body, allowing you to experience the joy of tanning for free.

Therefore, on the difficult road of after-sun repair, we must always insist on suppressing melanin! But the premise is that the sunburn is almost healed, and the essence that inhibits melanin on the market is generally irritating.

What else should I look out for after a sunburn?

Of course, after-sun repair work is not only about skin care, there are many things to pay attention to in daily diet and living habits.

Eat less spicy food.

Hot pot and stir-fried pork are delicious, but they are too violent for skin that has just been sunburned by ultraviolet rays. Eating spicy food will speed up the blood flow in the body and irritate sunburned skin, which is absolutely impossible.

When you are healthy, you will have enough time to eat too much! In special times, we eat lightly and lose some weight by the way.

Less makeup and less irritating skin care products.

During sunburn, our skin barrier is in the rebuilding stage after severe damage. If we use a little irritating skin care products at this time, it will not only aggravate the disease, but also waste money.

The same is true for makeup. Before the face is restored, it is best not to put too much weight on the skin. Be careful that it will get angry and make your face rotten. What's more, looking at your "high plateau red" face, are you really in the mood to put on makeup?

Never take a hot bath.

If the skin is sunburned, even taking a bath will be hot and painful, so everyone try not to take a hot bath, you can use lukewarm or cold water, girls who are weaker, just wipe it locally (I know it is a bit difficult in summer, But bear with it!)

Well, wives, today's after-sun repair class is over here. I don't know if you have learned new knowledge. It is recommended to collect it!

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if there is a serious sunburn, don’t use drugs indiscriminately, and find a doctor is responsible for yourself.

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