After watching 100 beautiful photos in Cannes, I summarized 3 ways to become beautiful without plastic surgery.

2023-01-02 06:01

The happiest thing is the non-street photographers. Turn left to meet Kristen Stewart, buy a coffee and meet the big devil Cate Blanchett, and only Cannes can satisfy them one by one.

I have been paying attention to Cannes these days, looking through thousands of street shots of the stars these days, and found one thing.

Having experienced marriage with the male god Johnny Depp, and having a relationship with "Silicon Valley Iron Man" Elon Musk, Amber Heard is now beautiful.

In the unretouched image quality of foreign media, it is also a 360-degree beauty without dead ends.

Wearing a simple white vest and wide-leg pants, you can see the light in the sun!

However, every time she gets a beautiful photo, she always breaks her work in the next second...

Others smiled picturesquely on the Cannes red carpet, but Amber often showed this "sordid" expression.

Either he walked well, hunched over his heart, and laughed embarrassedly. The more the lips are red and the teeth are white, the greater the contrast between the front and back.

Stars are like this, let alone ordinary people.

Suppose someone uses a camera to secretly record your daily routine. When you look back at the video, you must not believe that the person in the camera is yourself. The posture of walking on the street will be very different from the way your brain fills up.

So today I want to take advantage of this shining moment in Cannes and use the case of celebrities to talk to you about how to be an elegant self in life.

1. Emoji management

When I was doing the topic selection for the Met Gala two days ago, I took a look at the interview video of Emilia Clarke of the dragon mother by the way, and any picture taken is like this.

However, her red carpet picture clearly looks like this. A normal smile is more suitable for her.

Some netizens commented that Long Ma really can't have any expressions. You will be snatched by your own facial features casually.

These screenshots of flying self have long been used as emoticons for various netizens.

True temperament and being yourself are not wrong in themselves. Laughing and crying are originally the release of self-emotion.

However, rich expressions also have side effects, such as increased wrinkles. Once it begins to form, no matter how much anti-wrinkle essence is used, it is futile.

Moreover, overly rich expressions appear on inappropriate occasions, and the consequences are often catastrophic. Remember Miss Blue Dress?

Most people don't do it deliberately. When this unconscious expression becomes a habit, it will become a subconscious expression. It will be even more difficult to hope to change at that time.

If you care about your facial expressions, you might as well look in the mirror often before brewing your expressions. Some people smile better, and some people laugh better.

For example, Karlie Kloss, showing teeth is more distinctive than not smiling.

The fleshy face of Léa Seydoux, the high-level face that doesn't smile or smile, looks better than laughing and showing his gums.

So, to sum up, know how to look better, and practice more day after day, the muscles will form an effective memory, without the need for plastic surgery, your appearance and temperament will be significantly improved.

2. Posture management

When I was young, my mother used to say that when a girl walks, her back should be straight.

Emma Robert, a small man, always pays great attention to his walking posture. Every time he looks beautiful, it doesn't look like his height is only 157.

On the other hand, Kristen Stewart, who is 10cm taller than her, walks rashly on weekdays. Most of the time, it looks like the picture below, but it doesn't appear to be tall.

So it’s important to stand up straight!

How to be straight? Imagine that there is a thread on top of your head that is pulling you at all times, can you feel it?

To a certain extent, your posture will reflect your cultivation and level. Keep your head up, retract your chin, keep your chest up and your abdomen. No matter what you wear, your temperament is a plus.

At this point, the supermodels have the most say.

The star's posture is excellent and not elegant, the red carpet and street shooting can best tell the difference.

Regardless of the red carpet being just a few tens of meters, it is actually very difficult. You have to complete the "walking", "pretending to be someone calling your name", "smile and waving", and "encore on the steps" tetralogy.

In front of photographers from all over the world, walking for a few minutes without blind spots in all directions, you must not relax in every posture.

Although this year's Cannes red carpet, Suwon Kiko was ridiculed by the media because he walked for a full 9 minutes and still kept various "spin jumps".

But aside from the cautiousness behind her, her posture on the red carpet is really generous and cute compared to the other actresses who are twitching and engaging in "fake" eyeballs.

Some netizens even said that even if she is "Lao Lai", she is really beautiful and a bit funny, and she really can't hate it.

After all, he was born in Madou, and all kinds of dynamic postures come by the end, it is worth learning.

Another star I admire most is Queen S-Blake Likely.

Girls with big breasts always have a problem. They don't want to make their chest curves too obvious, so they choose to cover them with a hunchback, which becomes a habit over time.

But Blake is really a "curvy" positive image. She always straightens her back on the red carpet, even when she gets fat during pregnancy, her posture and expression are always full of confidence, like this in every shot.

In comparison, Depp's daughter Lily Rose Depp is still too young.

It was the same last year when she walked the red carpet in Cannes. She sometimes got serious, and she was really pretty.

But what is terrible is that once you forget to tuck your abdomen and raise your hips, the whole person will slack off.

The red carpet is like this, and daily life is even worse. Lily is often photographed by the media on various hunchback street shots, which can be regarded as the hardest hit area.

Although filming a blockbuster is photogenic, the hunchback will appear to have a sense of luxury.

But the real person is in full-length appearance, it still needs to be tall and straight to look good.

Just look at the manner and posture of the big demon king Cate Blanchett, you will know that temperament can be distinguished without looking at the face.

3. Posture management

In addition to walking posture and facial expressions, daily small movements also need attention.

For example, the gestures you use to talk and talk are very important.

Yesterday I saw Fan Bingbing's interview video in Cannes this year, and my eyes were unconsciously attracted by the small movements of her hands.

I kept playing with my elbows, my fingers were still groping on my clothes, even if the coffee was like her, and the face was light and windy, these little movements still betrayed nervousness.

The video of Cate Blanchett's interview with Vanity Fair as the current chairman can be used as a positive example.

Her facial expressions are vivid, but relatively restrained, even if the screen is taken, there will be no indescribable expressions.

There are not many hand gestures, which are mainly used to emphasize the focus of the conversation. If there are too many small movements, it will restrict the viewer's attention too much.

In daily life, you can also apply these simple skills to work. For example, when you need to talk to your partner at work, you must pay attention to your sitting posture and reduce unnecessary small movements.

When listening and talking, don’t look too erratic. If you are chatting one-on-one, you can look directly at the other person. If there are several people sitting on the other side, you can scan slowly.

Like Tilda Swinton answered questions at ComicCon before, the focus of his eyes naturally switched between the crowd and the host.

Finally, I would like to remind you not to look away when the other person is speaking, or to move your hands too much, it will make people see your impatience!

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