After Whoo, the skin is clear, radiant, and radiant.

2022-11-21 06:02

Swallows come to Shichunshe, and pear flowers are behind Qingming. At the turn of spring and summer, rain gives birth to all kinds of grains; sowing seeds and waiting for a bumper harvest in autumn; and creating beautiful skin is also the beginning. After Whoo, a luxury skin care brand originating from the Korean court, adhering to the precious palace skin care secrets, combined with the modern and cutting-edge high-end skin care concepts, it penetrates into the texture, and provides the ultimate luxury care experience for the urban queen's seasonal skin care, and naturally reveals the handed down and elegant beauty.

Refreshing skin, moisturizing and anti-allergic

"Rainy scenery, spring equinox weather. Thousands of flowers and hundreds of flowers compete for beauty." It was the turn of spring and summer, and my skin was sensitive and dry. Caring for the skin, moisturizing and anti-allergic should be two-pronged. This essence contains a lot of Gongchen Midan ingredients, which can improve skin circulation from the bottom, effectively improve skin complexion, moisturizing and hydrating, and calming and removing fire. The first step after cleansing, use this product as an introduction essence to quickly inject sufficient moisture into the tight skin after cleansing, reduce sensitivity, and wake up the skin; at the same time, it can eliminate anger and puffiness for the skin in the morning, promote circulation, and make the skin translucent. luster.

Whoo Post-Cleansing Smoothing Serum RMB 700/85ml

Graceful and graceful, white and condensed light

Qiongzhi does not let spring, and peach and plum are fresh in makeup. After Whoo, she presented a moisturizing toner with whitening function to the Queen of the City: Gongchen Xiangxueyu Condensation Water. Moisturizing, translucent, snow-white and soft skin helps Queen Amy to easily obtain it in one fell swoop. It is made of 'Atractylodes' refined oil and other ingredients, which are the raw material of Korean whitening.

Whoo Hou Gongchen Enjoy Snow Jade Condensation Water RMB 460/130ml

Flawless beauty, lustrous and moist

Spring is in Revlon, and peaches and plums are in full swing. The different fragrance opens the jade together, and the light powder mud silver plate. Welcome to the hot summer, wash away the tiredness and yellowness, and rejuvenate the skin. Spring is the best season for skin whitening and rejuvenation. As a classic product of the Xueyuning series, the moisturizing cream is mild in texture and highly concentrated in the moisturizing atmosphere. It contains the powerful whitening ingredients of the imperial court "chamomile extract" and "qixiangbabaisan". The unique press-type bottle body is convenient for product removal and storage. At the same time, the secret beauty formula Xuegan Powder is added, which can effectively regulate the surface blemishes of the skin and the blemishes hidden inside the skin, regulate the dull skin caused by the stagnation of pressure, improve the dull skin, and make the skin appear flawless and transparent.

Whoo Hou Gongchen Xiang Xue Yu Ning Moisturizing Cream RMB 1, 180/60ml

Clearing care, nourishing vitality

The cuckoo sings, the catkins fly, the peonies spit, and the cherries are ripe. With the arrival of late spring and early summer, sun protection is gradually becoming indispensable, so that the skin can be protected from ultraviolet rays and nourish the complexion inside and outside the skin. Whoo's main product this month: Hou Gongchen Xiang Qingrunning mirror sunscreen, which contains the unique golden three yellow ginseng ingredients of the Whoo brand, enhances the skin's radiance and radiance. The elegant and luxurious hollow golden shell and the mirror design of LG's patented technology make the product more clean and hygienic, and effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria; the design of the air cushion is convenient for makeup at any time. Keep your makeup on at all times.

Whoo Hou Gongchen Xiang Qingrun Gingjing Sunscreen SPF30+/PA+++ RMB 530/15g*2ea

White jade beauty, radiant and radiant

Grain rain is waiting for three times, the spring is thick and full; the peach color is burning, the beauty is better than the spring. The queen's skin is as white as jade. Hou Gongchen Xiang Xueyu Condensation Facial Mask solves the queen's dull skin problem. The specially added new whitening ingredient, pearl ginseng, can effectively penetrate into the skin, lighten melanin, and make it look like a young white jade.

Whoo Hou Gongchen Xiang Xue Yu Ning Huan Color Mask RMB 860/8pcs

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