The gentle blush painting methods are all here

2023-01-20 22:11

"Easy to fall" Japanese blush

I still remember that when the hangover makeup just became popular, a variety show in Japan did a street interview - what is the "hangover blush" in the eyes of men? The answer is all these words: innocent, defenseless, weak, easy to fall.

After that, the styles of Japanese blushes have been introduced again, and many different styles have appeared. But no matter how it changes, it always gives people a "cute" feeling, sweeping across Asia for a while. This trend doesn't stop in Asia, search for Japanese blush tutorials on Pinterest, and "kawayi" has become an automatic tag, which shows how cute it is. So, how to paint Japanese blush that can arouse male protection desire? We have moved the three most common ones, the steps are simple and not complicated, and I am not afraid that you will not learn:

Hangover Blush Makeup

1. Start from just below the pupil, use the blush brush to take the blush and make a circle under the eyes, be careful not to exceed the horizontal line of the nose (it is conceivable to draw a T word under the eyes).

2. Here comes the point! For a natural blush, take another unpigmented blush brush and smudge it in circles, and the natural blush is born!

Tips: Attention! Generally, the blush on the cheekbones will have white space on the skin, but the point of the hangover blush is to seamlessly connect with the eyes, so the blush should be painted close to the moment, so as to have a slightly drunk feeling.

Flush Blush Makeup

From the top of the nose (that is, the cheekbones), after dipping in the blush, start to make circles. As the circle enlarges, the strength of the hand gradually decreases, and finally fades out naturally.

Tips: The color of this blush must be deep, and the area of the circle should be large enough, so that there is a flushing Feel. (It's also called this because this broad flush resembles a woman's pre-orgasm flush.)

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