Come and get the pink highlights

2022-08-05 17:49

Because Zhang Shaohan's skin tone is relatively fair, and she is also cold-toned, the pink highlights that are also cold are very fairy-like when applied. What's more scheming is that Angela Chang's highlight is not a single pink tone, but a purple powder polarized light, which makes the skin white, tender and clear. In fact, the highlights are not only golden nude tones, so blingbling's pink highlights are also beautiful to explode every day.

Barbie Brown Crystal Bright Color Palette

Irregular fusion of pink and white and warm rose gold, easy to create a sunny summer skin color.

In fact, many actresses have used Zhang Shaohan's same pink polarized highlight, and mixed-race Yanba Zhang Rongrong is one of them. It is slightly different from the golden western nude highlighter. The pink polarized highlight must be swept on a large area of the face to have a radiant effect, and it is better to mix it with blush! However, you must ensure that the base makeup is clean and clear, otherwise it is easy to have a fake face.

Sephora Golden Chicken Repairing Honey Powder

The incomparable Golden Rooster limited edition four-color mix and match, so that the skin has a natural radiance.

JESSICA is also very good at using high moisturizing base makeup with pink highlights to create an invincible girly makeup effect. Whether it is matched with the same color pink lip glaze, eye shadow, or the combination with the heavy mouth and smoky style, the pink highlight has no sense of incongruity at all. It can be said that it is a universal item that everyone in the beauty industry loves!

Givenchy Haute Couture Phantom Four Palace Honey Powder

4 colors in one, one box is multi-purpose, natural makeup, three-dimensional makeup.

However, if you want to create a similar delicate feeling, it is definitely not just as simple as swiping the highlight powder. First of all, we use a light-colored moisturizing concealer to brighten the base makeup. Apply an appropriate amount of light-colored concealer to the triangle area under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and the center of the forehead to make the skin look fairer, and then apply the age-reducing pink and tender series. Highlights will be highly integrated.

The texture of liquid highlights is often more delicate than powder highlights, and it is also more seamless when applied to the skin, so if you want to make the subsequent pink highlights not see a little makeup, you can use liquid highlights as a primer first. At the same time, try to choose pearl white as the liquid highlight for the base, and then superimpose the pink polarized highlight for better effect.

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If you don't have a liquid highlight, you can use a highlighter to create a similar delicate effect. Because the texture of the highlighter stick is relatively hard, it is best to apply makeup with the fingertips. The temperature of the fingertip can slightly melt the highlighter stick, so that the highlighter can be applied to the face more smoothly. I believe that many babies will like this lazy makeup method, and it is easy to touch up makeup!

Guerlain Symphony Meteor Brightening Stick

A portable brightening stick that corrects complexion, multipurpose, and leaves skin fresh and bright.

The last step is to set the makeup with a powder highlighter. This step can also enhance the gloss. Many brands have similar glossy powder balls, and the combination of nude and pink allows yellow skin to easily hold. When the paste or liquid paste is not completely dry, sweep it with a paste brush to make the gloss more present. Try it now!

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