How to use anti-aging skin care products

2022-10-18 14:43

First of all: Massage is very important as a habit when applying skin care, and this step should not be lazy.

6 simple tricks to double your absorption

1. Push away the twisting muscle mass

Place your index fingers on the sides of your nose and slide your fingers left and right to relax your cheek muscles and lighten the nasolabial folds.

2. Effective use of under the ear - the golden area of the clavicle

Move your fingers from the chin to the ear, then massage from the ear to the neck, and then press the collarbone fossa to make the lotion penetrate deeper.

3. Lift the temple

Use one hand to lift the temple diagonally upwards, and then apply eye cream to effectively help the eye area to lift upwards. For under-eye wrinkles, look upwards to stretch out the skin under the eyes, and then press and apply with your fingers.

4. Lift the corners of the mouth

First massage the corners of the mouth in a slight circle, and then pull the corners of the mouth upwards, which can keep the corners of the mouth in a "good life" upturned arc, especially for beauties who have the habit of smoking.

5. Say goodbye to unnecessary circles with both hands

The gesture to double the effect of the serum should be to lift the left half of the cheek diagonally upward with the left hand, and apply the right hand in a circle, and the right side is the same. Afterwards, rub the entire palm to cover the facial skin, which not only warms the skin, but also increases its absorption.

6. Don't ignore the eyebrows

Don't ignore the eyebrows, massage this area regularly, it will make the eyes more three-dimensional. And pull the ears diagonally upwards, which can effectively prevent the face from sagging.

Maintenance starts with cleaning

Don't ignore the role of makeup remover. If the cleaning is not clean, the subsequent procedures will be halved even if they are not in vain.

1. Choose the right makeup remover

For people with dry skin, it is more suitable to choose makeup remover or makeup remover, and the makeup removal place should be selected in a place without moisture as much as possible.

2. Towels help you deep clean

Nowadays, the powder of foundation or sunscreen is getting smaller and smaller. If you don't want them to hide in the pores, you can apply a hot towel to the face to open the pores and make it easier for deep cleaning.

3. Clean your hands first

If there is excess oil and dirt on your hands, it will not be able to make the makeup remover fully effective. Clean your hands thoroughly before starting skin care.

4. Foam quality is required

For a cleanser that produces rich lather, the lather should be done in one go, and the best lather is one that won't fall off when you reverse your hands.

5. The foam smearing position is particular about

If you have combination skin, apply the foam evenly on the T-zone first, starting from the T-zone, then on the chin, forehead, and finally on the cheeks, which can better maintain the balance of water and oil, and the cheeks will not Appears dry.

6. Gently wipe off the moisture

Be sure to use a towel after cleansing, and the best way to dry off moisture is to press gently, which can help preserve moisture and the health of the hydrolipidic film.

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