Autumn and winter smog is coming 3 eye care methods in bad weather

2022-03-25 13:41

The impact of haze weather on the skin environment

The near-surface ultraviolet rays will be weakened due to haze weather, which will enhance the activity of infectious bacteria in the air, and increase the harm of skin by ultraviolet rays and bacterial infection. At the same time, in haze weather, there are a lot of suspended particles in the air, which will inevitably fall into the eyes, which may cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Fragile eyes are the primary targets of smog damage

The thickness of the skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than that of the rest of the face, so it is very vulnerable to environmental damage. Studies have shown that the skin around the eyes is five times more porous than the rest of the face, so free radicals in the external environment, including UV rays and free radicals in smoke, can more easily penetrate the delicate eye skin and cause damage.

Water shortage in winter aggravates injuries

In haze weather, the weather is very dry, and the relative humidity of the air is generally below 60%. In autumn and winter, the original skin cells are very dehydrated. Under the influence of smog, the absorption of water and oxygen by the skin cells around the eyes is even more pitiful. The lack of oxygen in the eye skin will directly cause the appearance of various eye problems such as dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles and so on.

Autumn and winter eye solution 3 strokes eye care method

NO.1 Moisturizing link focuses on management

For the filling and repairing of dry eye lines, the choice of eye care products should be products with strong penetrating ability, efficient moisturizing and water-locking effects. Now the new products not only contain moisturizing moisture, but also contain hyaluronic acid. The ingredients can be used to fill the problem of fine lines at the end of the eyes and sunken eye sockets, and restore the skin's fullness and elasticity. Or a mild formula like Kampo extract, used on the skin around the eyes, it can quickly penetrate and accelerate the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, enhance the ability of skin metabolism, and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Moisturizing Coping Strategies

When we use eye care products in autumn and winter, we choose eye creams with more moisturizing gel or eye gel-like texture during the day, which have the characteristics of being efficiently absorbed by the eye skin, so that even with makeup, there will be no heavy and greasy feeling. At night, it is recommended to choose a more moisturizing cream-like skin care product, so that the skin around the eyes at night can get better deep care. Usually eat more fish oil, VE, nuts foods, can make both internal and external maintenance of the body double maintenance, the skin will be more moist and elastic.

NO.2 Application of eye cream

When many people use eye cream, they are used to smearing a large amount of eye cream directly under the eyes. This approach will make the maintenance molecules unable to absorb on the thinner skin around the eyes, thus accumulating and breeding fat particles.

Apply eye cream correctly

The correct application of eye cream should be with the ring finger from the crow's feet at the corner of the eye, and dab to the bottom of the eye in a flicking manner, which not only promotes blood circulation, but also allows the eye care products to be better absorbed.

NO.3 Dark circles need to pay attention to sleep

In addition to the environmental factors of smog, another important cause of dark circles is lack of sleep. If you are being attacked by these two eye killers, you should pay attention to the adjustment of your life. Usually eat more foods that help reduce dark circles and pay attention to rest in spare time, so as to reduce the development of dark circles.

how to get rid of dark circles

In the morning, apply a hot towel on the dark circles to promote the blood circulation around the eyes that is not easy to evacuate. Or put potato chips on your eyes before going to bed to whiten your eyes.

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