Autumn hair care look here, it's hair tonic time again

2022-07-18 20:30

A beautiful hair, if it is taken care of softly, smooth and of moderate length, will give people a natural and elegant enjoyment when presented in front of the public; on the contrary, if it is made fluffy and rough, the split ends are withered and yellow, it will give people a sense of elegance and beauty. An unpleasant feeling. With the arrival of autumn and winter, coupled with the increasingly serious environmental pollution and the increasingly busy work pressure at the end of the year, the hair is more prone to problems such as yellowing, split ends, frizz, dullness, and falling off. Are you still worried about autumn hair care?

The editor believes that to solve the problem of hair in autumn and winter, it is necessary to repair both inside and outside. "Inner" is the so-called nourishing and nourishing. By improving the diet, the rich nutrients contained in food can be used to improve the hair quality; "Outer" is to restore the strength and luster of the hair by using the correct washing and care products and care methods. Only two-pronged approach is the way to raise hair in late autumn.

——Autumn Tonic——

Experts say that autumn is the most obvious season for hair loss: when the summer and autumn are replaced, the hair follicles are damaged to a certain extent under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and high temperature in summer; while the temperature in autumn drops, the shrinkage of hair follicles accelerates, resulting in insufficient nutrition or severely damaged hair follicles. cause atrophy, which leads to hair loss. In fact, the condition of hair is inseparably related to diet. Finding the most suitable hair-raising food can effectively improve various hair problems in autumn and make hair reborn.

Dry and yellow hair: The best choice is walnut. The vitamin E contained in walnut kernels can protect cells from the oxidative damage of free radicals. Regular consumption has the effect of moisturizing the skin and hair.

Fall hair loss: The best choice is almonds. Studies have found that people with hair loss are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B6, vitamin E, iron and zinc, while almonds are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which can lower cholesterol and are superfoods for hair growth.

In addition to the foods mentioned above, other foods such as wheat, black beans, wolfberry, ginger, etc. are also magic weapons for hair growth in autumn. Hurry up to adjust your diet plan and start your autumn and winter hair care actions from food.

——autumn hair care——

When it comes to hair care, it is recommended to first choose products that are rich in keratin, which is the closest ingredient to hair. Keratin is the basic structure of hair. Cuticles and cortex are composed of protein, accounting for 95% of the weight of dry hair. The damage and loss of keratin will directly cause problems such as aging, dryness and fragility of hair.

Therefore, products rich in precise keratin repair are the best. If the wash and care products also contain precious essential oils from dietary supplements, the effect of autumn hair care will be more effective. Just like this year's brand-newly upgraded Silky Pure Brightening Wash and Care Series, up to 12 essential oil ingredients have been added, which can superimpose 12 hair care effects with the power of 12 essential oils, allowing hair to be reborn in autumn when it is easy to lose nutrients. . In addition, use it once or twice a week in conjunction with the Silky Refinement Hair Mask, which can effectively restore the hair's luster, softness and luster.

For severely damaged, dry hair, carry a leave-in product with you for immediate first aid care. The newly launched Silk Yun Zhen Essence, Light and Moisturizing Essential Oil is blended with essential oil particles dispersed by 12 kinds of precious essential oil extracts. Hair is strong, translucent and rejuvenated, and it is a portable instant intensive repair tool.

It is believed that in this autumn, under the double protection of inner and outer protection, with nutritious nut and legume supplements and the newly upgraded Silk Yun Pure Brightening series for care, you can easily enjoy a full range of Dharma care experience at home. Let self-confidence and beauty accompany you throughout the autumn and winter!

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