Beauty Witch has 3 treasures skin care products + micro adjustment + internal adjustment for anti-aging

2022-12-26 06:02

The word "beautiful witch" comes from Japan and is usually used to describe professional women over 40 years old who insist on fitness, maintenance, and youthful beauty. The "beautiful witch" who won the crown this year is a 43-year-old housewife Keiwa Jiumi. Looking at her appearance and figure, she is indeed much younger than most women of the same age. Our domestic beauty witches are not weak, and their maintenance efforts are not comparable at all. Japanese women are poor, let's take a look at how they keep their faces?

The 43-year-old Japanese woman Kumi Minowa won the fifth Japan beauty pageant, she proved with practical actions that beauty has no age limit. You can't wait to know her secret of immortality, and I'll share it with you below!Anti-aging Tip 1: Moisturizer can't stopMinwa Kumi pointed out that using moisturizing water every day is the key to skin care. But just using it is not enough, you also need to tap it, and tap it for an hour before you can! As a result, she even has a record of using up 4 bottles of lotion in a month. Tips: The step before taking the water again is to wash your face, pay attention to the water temperature must be at 32 °, and use the temperature to measure.Anti-aging Tips 2: Steam Beauty MethodJapanese actresses like to soak in hot springs. According to this principle, steam beauty is also part of their skin care. Minwa Kumi is the embrace of steam beauty, we can learn and learn.Fill the basin with boiling water, use a large towel to make a bag to cover the circumference of the basin, wrap the head with a hair mask, after the water temperature drops a little, put the head into the bag, the face is about 10 cm or more from the water surface, close the Bend your eyes and hold for about 10 minutes. After feeling the water temperature is low and the steam is low, stick out the head and rest for a while, then change the basin with hot water and steam again. After steaming, apply a thin layer of skin care nourishing cream, do not rub it too hard. 2-3 times a month.Anti-aging Tip 3: Start to supplement collagen from the age of 25. From the age of 20, the collagen in the skin of women will slowly lose, so the older you get, the more skin problems you have. Keiwa Jiumi's anti-aging maintenance starts early. Drink a bag of collagen before going to bed every day, and then wake up the next morning and feel that the skin is very delicate and moisturizing. After drinking for a period of time, the spots and fine lines on the face will be significantly reduced and disappeared, and the skin will become smooth like a girl day by day.

Speaking of the beautiful witch, I have to mention Masako Mizutani, the ancestor of the beautiful witch. Her skin care method has been copied by countless people, you want to know? Anti-aging Tip 1: Spend 5 hours a day on skin care Masako Mizutani makes a mask (paste) every morning and a mask at night to provide adequate nutrition and moisture to the skin. In addition, after cleansing, you should take some lotion in time, and then apply lotion, so that after layers of care, the skin will naturally become fair and bright. Masako Mizutani wears makeup even when she stays at home, which definitely proves a sentence: "There are no ugly women, only lazy women." Anti-aging Tip 2: Internal and external conditioning comprehensive antioxidant Mizutani Masako will definitely use whitening sunscreen and sunglasses when going out Protects against UV damage, which prevents the formation of fine lines around the eyes. At 13:00 in the afternoon, Masako Mizutani took oral beauty products to help regulate skin function. With such strict skin care and anti-aging, it is no wonder that you are younger than others.

The beauty witches in Japan are skilled in their appearance, and the beauty witches in China are not to be outdone. Let's see how Liu Xiaoqing and Zhao Yazhi, the anti-growth actresses, take care of it? Anti-aging Tip 1: Do more aerobic exercise When it comes to the youngest star in the entertainment industry who never ages, the first thing that comes to mind must be Zhao Yazhi. When you look at her appearance at various events, she doesn't look like a nearly 60-year-old person at all. When it comes to maintenance, Zhao Yazhi believes that the secret to staying young and beautiful is to do more aerobic exercise. Zhao Yazhi said that she would often go swimming and do aerobic gymnastics 3-4 times a week. Anti-aging Tips 2: Keep your skin clean every day Zhao Yazhi believes that the most important step in skin care is to clean your skin. Wash your skin thoroughly with or without makeup. When it comes to the choice of skin care products, she believes that it is better to use the products as a set. If you have time, you can adjust a little mask, and when you have no time, buy a mask to use. In short, take good care of yourself.

Anti-aging Tip 1: Regularly go to beauty salons for nursing care Although Xu Qing is 45 years old this year, it seems that there is no trace of the years on Xu Qing's body. In terms of skin care, Xu Qing will regularly go to beauty salons for skin care. If you are in the filming period and cannot maintain such a regular maintenance of your skin, then remove your makeup immediately after filming every day until it is completely clean. Anti-aging Tip 2: Balanced diet and skin conditioning In terms of diet, Xu Qing confessed that she used to do whatever she wanted, whether it was peppers or fried foods, or high-calorie chocolates, desserts, and cakes, they were all her favorite foods. But now Xu Qing began to pay attention to health preservation, saying that she began to deliberately ask herself to drink soup, usually drink more juice, and it is best to eat a lighter diet. Moreover, Xu Qing also mentioned one point, saying that she never takes supplements, because she thinks that everything can be supplemented.

Age-defying tip 1: Exercise + vegetarianism Liu Xiaoqing gets married again and reaps happiness. To this day, the skin is still so radiant, there is no sign of aging at all, and fine lines and dry lines are hard to spot, which is really enviable. In this regard, Liu Xiaoqing generously shared his maintenance experience, "You must exercise your body for about half an hour in the morning, mainly to do some simple equipment exercises, and you can basically exercise until you are slightly sweaty. Also, I like to be vegetarian, mainly for a day. Eat more vegetarian dishes for three meals and eat less meat." Age-defying secret 2: injecting beauty needles Although she has always refused to admit that she had plastic surgery, this face that has grown in reverse is really suspicious. Helpless, under the exposure of the high-definition camera, her face was abnormally flat, and even had an abnormal luster. She must have injected a lot of fillers on her face to fill in all the wrinkles. However, when you are older, it is excusable to consider medical cosmetology.

Chinese beauty witches do have a hand, and their ability to hold their face is no worse than that of Japanese women. What is the current situation of Korean beauty witches? Age-defying tip 1: Kim Hee-sun, who is known as "the first beauty in Korea", regularly receives blood transfusions , and slowly fades out of the entertainment industry after marriage. Later, he successfully returned to the screen through the TV series "Xinyi", focusing on the beauty and youth. In a program recording, Kim Hee-sun revealed his maintenance secrets. She said: "The reason why I can maintain my beauty is because I receive blood transfusions regularly." The hosts were shocked. Anti-aging Tip 2: Obsessed with olive oil skin care Kim Hee Sun, who is obsessed with natural skin care, has been using olive oil for more than 7 years. After taking a bath, she will apply olive oil from head to toe, even her hair, no wonder her Hair is so soft and shiny. After putting on makeup, she also removes it with olive oil first, and then washes it off with a facial cleanser.

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