Beckham's 16-year-old pigeon egg broke divorce rumors

2022-10-31 06:01

It's too late to show affection

The news that Beckham and Beckham's marriage was red light spread like wildfire, all because of a large-scale report by a foreign media. In the report, the words "16-year marriage the end" came into view, and the reason for the urgent marriage was also surprising: Becky couldn't stand the idleness of Beckham since she retired. For a time, the news exploded across the entire network.

Of course, how could Beckham's die-hard fans be frightened by a sudden report, all kinds of evidence that Beckham is not "doing nothing" came to the face, caring for his wife and taking care of his family, such Beckham is an all-rounder .

In Beisao's ins, the back photos of Xiaobei and Meng Qi were also used to clarify the rumors.

That's right, how could the marriage be in a hurry for two people who are too late to show their love? For so many years, the two have either attended events together or looked after their children together. Coupled with the big diamond rings in Sister-in-law's hands, this is the best testimony of love!

"Pigeon eggs" are not the same

No matter what others say, the real "pigeon egg" in hand is the most intimate proof of Beckham and Beckham for more than ten years. It is said that "Diamonds are forever". The sister-in-law, who accidentally wears a dozen large diamonds, probably has a love that is more lasting than anyone else.

In 1998, Beckham was still in the sun on the court, he used a 3-carat marquise diamond ring worth 65,000 pounds to win the heart of the "spice girl". Since then, Victoria has started a luxurious "diamond ring journey".

To say "pigeon eggs", this diamond really cannot but be mentioned. The pear-shaped diamond ring, which debuted in 2005, made Victoria eye-catching, and the price of about 159,000 pounds really made people take a second look.

Emerald rings have always been full of charm, but Beckham's possession is absolutely beyond imagination. The value of this square emerald ring is about 500,000 pounds. Men who don't love you have long been scared off by the price.

On the show of Marc Jacobs2009 spring and summer series, Victoria wore this 19-carat rectangular diamond ring worth about 500,000 pounds to appear, with neat short hair, capable and sexy.

In 2010, at the Land Rover 40th anniversary party, a huge oval diamond ring came into view. With it, the small curvature of the corner of the mouth of Sister-in-law Beckham's gestures makes the "sister-in-law" Beckham gentle.

A sapphire weighing 18 carats covers the white gold ring, radiant. Victoria, who can hold all kinds of shapes, meets sapphire, and naturally she can wear her own style.

Of course, Beckham's diamond ring is far more than that. So far, Victoria, who has been married for 16 years, has harvested 13 large or delicate "pigeon eggs". In the face of this "laundry" of big diamond rings that make people look fascinated, those divorce rumors will be self-destructed if they are not attacked. Although diamonds are eternal, love may be brighter than diamonds.

learn taste from this family

In fact, if you really talk about the Xiaobei family, the words "happy and happy" are not too much at all. When the warm-hearted Becky meets the seemingly glamorous Victoria, she not only gave birth to all the lovable sons and Meng Qi, but also gave fashion education lessons to the people around her with good taste.

The recognized high-value family in history is so grand, and the small tie and the small skirt add so much color. Dressing up with such fashion sensitivity every day is simply beyond admiration.

Of course, since Bei Xiaoqi was born, she has become the "center of the universe", collecting all the love from all over the world. Maybe even Xiao Qi didn't know it. From childhood to adulthood, Daddy and Mommy held her in one hand and showed off a good-quality watch, which was considered extremely fashionable.

"I made David the best person he could be, and David made me the best person I could be. We two are better together than we are individually." This is what Victoria said to herself Definition of relationship with Beckham.

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