Behind the writing of Xiaohongshu: 500-character articles sell for 12 yuan, thousand yuan to buy top six

2022-12-05 06:01

A recent investigation by a reporter from the Beijing News found that on platforms such as "Xianyu" and "Taobao", there are still businesses that say they can accept the writing business of Xiaohongshu, and even achieve advertising and sales, the price ranges from 10 yuan to nearly 2,000. Yuan varies. In addition, the reporter also noticed that an internet celebrity "sunscreen spray" on platforms such as Xiaohongshu may have problems such as suspected false propaganda.

On March 15th, the reporter searched on Xianyu, Taobao and other platforms and found that many shopkeepers still provided the writing, issuing, and volume services of the Xiaohongshu platform. A Xianyu user named "Heqi ××" wrote in the product link he posted, "Xiaohongshu is written on behalf of the company, 300 characters for 10 yuan, 500 characters for 12 yuan, KOL (that is, opinion leaders, also It's called the'Big V') There are resources for amateur talents."

The owner of "Heqi ××" told the Beijing News reporter that he is a college student and has been doing this kind of writing business for half a year. Write 5 articles on behalf of the start, and you can hand in the manuscript on the same day.

The reporter saw in the finished manuscript provided by her that she mainly wrote skin care and make-up products. Without communicating specific requirements, the other party told reporters, "5 articles can be submitted this afternoon, with quality and quantity guaranteed. "

After the news that there was a writing on the Xiaohongshu platform "Planting Grass Notes" was exposed, many merchants said frankly, "Now this is not easy to handle, isn't it all on the hot search." In the process of communicating with merchants, when reporters asked whether they could display related products, the other party was very vigilant.

During the interview, some businessmen told the Beijing News reporter that in addition to writing on behalf of others, they can also embed the brand's advertising in the notes.

A beauty blogger in Beijing posted a ghostwriting link on his Xianyu homepage, which showed the "Simple Basic Evening Skin Care Process" notes published in Xiaohongshu. There are nearly a thousand likes and collections in a single article. "I am a blogger, not a writer. If you have a product, we can discuss cooperation." She said, Xiaohongshu recommended 200 yuan for notes and texts and 500 yuan for videos.

On March 20, the reporter searched "Xiaohongshu for writing" on Xianyu, Taobao and other platforms again, and Xianyu found only one item written for Xiaohongshu. The information published by the two Xianyu users previously consulted by the reporter has been deleted. On the Taobao platform, there are still many search results, but when the reporter clicked on the Taobao store that he consulted before, the link related to Xiaohongshu was removed, and only links to the business plan were left.

A screenshot of related products released by a Xianyu user shows "Yuxiang Studio" and the specific service price, and orders can still be accepted normally. After getting in touch, the other party asked the reporter what product he wanted to promote and whether he had already settled on the Xiaohongshu platform. "Xiaohongshu is very strict now. It has not been settled, and it is easy to violate the regulations." But the other party said that (even if it is not settled) it is okay to find KOLs (that is, big Vs with many fans, etc.) to write about the experience.

During the investigation, the reporter also found a store owner who could write on his behalf through a simple search on Taobao, and he could also pay for the volume.

"All you can write, you just ask for it." A Taobao shop owner said that not only can you write on your behalf, you can also scan the amount. The number of notes posted corresponding to the keywords will be adjusted. If a product is more popular, there will be more related notes. If you want a "dominant screen" homepage, you will naturally need a higher fee.

However, the owner also stated that the keyword ranking can only ensure that the relevant notes are ranked high in this search term, and cannot guarantee traffic. "We can't guarantee that the notes will be popular. As for the amount of traffic absorbed, it is still related to the content of the notes."

According to the Taobao shopkeeper, taking the current popular "Lancome 196" lipstick notes as an example, if you want to stay in the top six search results of Xiaohongshu for a month, the price is 1,900 yuan. The owner emphasized that this is the price of Lancome 196, not all products.

The reporter noticed that on the homepage of its Taobao store, there are links to write commercial marketing activity copywriting and planning copywriting, and other platforms are mentioned on the personal WeChat nickname of its customer service.

"Do you think that Taobao is useful? It's all about exposure." Another Xianyu user who provided credit told reporters, "If you don't use it, it won't be popular. This is the reason why your notes are not popular."

According to its WeChat Moments, it can provide services such as Xiaohongshu writing, agent distribution, talent promotion, keyword ranking improvement, likes and collections, and data brushing. As for the price of the volume, the price is: 7.5 yuan per 100 fans and likes, and 0.9 yuan per comment.

In his latest circle of friends updated on March 15th, he even posted the first note "Results" in the search results of "Hong Kong Upstairs Bird's Nest".

A reporter from the Beijing News found that in addition to writing and reviewing, there is a team responsible for daily maintenance and operation. Xianyu merchants told reporters that they can help users with the level of "from beginner to proficient, from 0 to top Golden Delicious Potato" in the shortest day, and the price is 399 yuan.

On March 20th, in the "Little Red Book Task Group" recommended by the above-mentioned team's customer service reporters to join, the writing business continued. Among them, some users posted related "tasks": search, like, and favorite, and prompted "change the account number that has been done, and the same number will not be settled if the same number is found."

Xianyu user "Zhou ××" indicates that it can undertake multi-platform sales volume services such as Kuaishou and Miaopai. "Kaishou 1000 likes 10.8 yuan, 100 followers 11.8 yuan." During the communication, the other party provided a dedicated website. After logging in, the reporter found that the website can undertake the ordering service of many platforms, including short videos, audio and video, social networking, live broadcasting, online shopping, online courses and other well-known platforms in various categories. .

On platforms such as Xiaohongshu, are the products recommended by bloggers and big Vs reliable?

The reporter noticed that the previous two "sunscreen sprays" became popular under the recommendation of many fashion bloggers. These two products, named "Kuier" (CUIR Red Pomegranate Fresh Protection Spray) and "UH Spray" (UH Water Luminous Pearl Isolation Spray), claim to have good sun protection and whitening effects.

According to the "Regulations on Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision", 9 types of cosmetics, such as hair growth and sunscreen, are special-purpose cosmetics, which must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and can be produced and marketed after obtaining the approval number. At the same time, the sunscreen index, waterproof performance, critical wavelength, and long-wave UV protection index of sunscreen cosmetics must be measured through standardized testing methods before they can be labeled.

The reporter checked on the website of the Food and Drug Administration and found that the two cosmetic products named "CUIR Red Pomegranate Fresh Yan Protective Spray" and "UH Water Luminous Pearl Isolation Spray" are domestic non-special use cosmetics. Therefore, in accordance with regulations, it is not allowed to claim sun protection at the time of sale.

Some people in the industry pointed out that there are many beauty bloggers on social platforms, and it is difficult to define whether there are commercial cooperation between the various cosmetic brands recommended, and whether the promotion words comply with regulations. This also poses new challenges for supervision.

IT lawyer Zhao Zhanzhan stated that cosmetics are not medicines, and cosmetics advertisers cannot claim that products have drug effects. Such exaggeration of efficacy is suspected of being illegal and is also an act of false propaganda.

Lawyer's Statement

Writers who distribute articles with advertisements on their behalf will bear corresponding responsibilities

Some lawyers believe that the writer generally does not need to bear criminal responsibility without knowing that it is a counterfeit or inferior product, because the writer himself only plays a promotional role, unless there is evidence that the writer and the merchant constitute an accomplice. However, according to the relevant provisions of the "Advertising Law", if the "grass" articles posted by the writer are of an advertisement nature and cause damage to the legitimate interests of consumers, the writer, as an advertisement publisher, may have to bear corresponding civil liabilities.

In addition, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the E-Commerce Law that came into effect at the beginning of this year, e-commerce operators shall not use fictitious transactions, fabricated user reviews, etc. to conduct false or misleading commercial propaganda, deceive or mislead consumers, and violate the regulations in serious circumstances. The maximum fine is 500,000 yuan.

IT lawyer Zhao Zhanzhu said that under the new situation of widespread use of social networks, the channels of dissemination of false advertisements have changed, but the nature of false advertisements has not changed, that is, the content of advertisements does not match the facts.

The new situation poses a challenge for the regulatory authorities, because false advertisements are more concealed. For example, in Moments and live broadcasts, illegal activities are difficult to detect and deal with in a timely manner, and the main body of advertising is very scattered, making law enforcement very difficult.

The Internet platform itself is the key to controlling false advertising. Zhao Zhanzhan stated that if there is an advertising contract between the platform and the advertiser, the platform is the advertising publisher in the legal sense and is obliged to review the content of the advertisement and the advertiser. In this case, if there is false propaganda in the advertisement, the platform will bear joint and several liability. On other social platforms, users post advertisements themselves, and the platforms have the obligation to delete them after receiving complaints and verifying them.

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