Beyond Fruit Acid Peeling pH4.5 Excellent Skin-Friendly Formula Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Serum

2022-07-25 17:49

Founded in New York in 1851, Kiehl's has a long tradition of dermatological research and continues to bring breakthrough and innovative products to consumers. Since the launch of Kiehl's skin expert series in cooperation with Harvard Medical School and Columbia Medical School in 2005, Kiehl's has developed a variety of efficient and safe skin care products for different skin problems.

In 2016, Kiehl's paid attention to the problem of rough skin and dull complexion, and launched the first bottle of Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Essence that broke through the traditional fruit acid peeling effect in response to this problem. This serum helps accelerate cell metabolism on the skin's surface for a radiant, radiant complexion while improving roughness, fine lines and hyperpigmentation for softer, more radiant skin. Kiehl's specially extracts the active ingredients of the epidermis from the protective shell of the "Inca Gold" quinoa seeds in Bolivia to help activate the biological enzyme reaction and accelerate the skin's metabolism. Clinically tested, the skin rejuvenation effect of the serum is better than that of a professional skin rejuvenation treatment with 20% AHA, effectively improving fine lines, dullness and acne. At the same time, the pH value of Quinoa Night Peeling Essence is 4.5, which is close to the pH of the skin. It is mild in nature and suitable for home use. It can also be used safely for sensitive skin. With continued use, skin texture is visibly improved, skin is smoother, skin tone is more even, and healthy looking skin is created.

Trendy American Quinoa Interactive Area

On July 19, Kiehl's officially introduced this product to the media friends. The three interactive areas of the trendy American style allowed the media friends to learn about the Kiehl's skin expert series, quinoa experiments and quinoa ingredients from different dimensions. Friends from the media discovered and explored in the "Kiehl's Traditional Pharmacy", learned about the historical development story of the Kiehl's skin expert series and tried star products; interacted closely with "Dr. Quinoa" in the "Kiehl's Laboratory" and learned about the ingredients of quinoa in the "Kiehl's Laboratory". The development process in the laboratory, while tasting the novel "experimental drink" prepared by him; taking a rest at the "Kiehl's Quinoa Market" and tasting the "Inca Gold" quinoa is full of vitality. In addition, the Bolivian quinoa field carefully created by professional florists also allowed the media friends who took pictures to experience the unique South American style. The interactive area full of scientific elements and exotic flavors brought media friends a happy afternoon!

The first bottle for healthy skin

With age, the rate of skin metabolism slows down, and the keratin renewal rate decreases by 30-50%, which gradually leads to dull, dry and rough skin. Dr. Adam Geyer, consultant dermatologist at Kiehl's, gave his opinion at the launch: "An unhealthy stratum corneum will directly affect the absorption of other skin care products, which will also cause pigmentation, acne, fine lines and other skin problems." Therefore, Creating an active stratum corneum should be the first step in healthy skin care. Chemical peeling, if acid peeling, laser peeling and other medical beauty peeling are also widely sought after by beauty lovers. People hope that through such chemical exfoliation, it can help metabolize old dead skin cells and solve problems such as clogged skin pores and acne. Rough skin, fine lines and other phenomena will also be solved.

However, after counting down the many benefits of chemical peels, there are still many drawbacks that people cannot ignore. Dr. Geyer pointed out: "AHA peels can easily make the skin sensitive, red, irritated, dark spots, etc. And consumers must take adequate preparation measures before peeling to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Minimize the potential for side effects."

In order to create a gentle and effective skin rejuvenation experience at home, Kiehl's discovered that quinoa husk extract can be mild and efficient on the skin, combined with natural skin rejuvenating ingredients such as complex fruit acid, phytic acid and cactus extract, and launched a breakthrough in traditional fruit acid rejuvenation. The new generation of skin rejuvenation product "Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Essence" that may cause excessive irritation to the skin is suitable for all skin types, and it can also be used with confidence for sensitive skin. Martina, the product manager of Kiehl's Marketing Department, suggested that as "the first bottle for healthy skin", the Quinoa Night Renewal Serum only needs to apply 3-4 drops to the whole face every night after using toner and before using other essences or creams. In just one 28-day skin metabolism cycle, the skin will be noticeably softer, smoother and more radiant. Skin-friendly Ph4.5 (normal skin Ph4.5-5.5), a truly gentle and efficient at-home rejuvenation.

Gentle and effective at-home rejuvenation formula

Helen Sung, vice president of innovation and product development from Kiehl's, shared the story of the discovery of the active ingredients in quinoa with friends in the media. By chance, Kiehl's discovered that when quinoa seeds were rinsed, their shells produced a lot of foam, a sign of the highly active ingredients. In order to uncover the mystery, Kiehl's scientists conducted clinical experiments and found that a component called "saponin" in quinoa shell can direct the skin surface, split the peptide bonds connecting cells, and activate peptides that can break mature cells and bind to the skin surface. key enzymes, thereby promoting the skin's natural exfoliation process.

Each Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Essence contains the essence of 2,000 natural quinoa husks, all quinoa husks are continuously collected from Bolivia, South America. Kiehl's experts have carried out a lot of experiments to prove the efficacy and safety of the product from skin smoothness, skin suppleness, skin tone evenness, and periodic skin improvement after testing for one night, one week, and one month. From the comparison with 20% glycolic acid (entry-level fruit acid peeling ratio), it is verified that the Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Essence is more effective than ordinary chemical peeling after 2 weeks of use.

Dr. Geyer has also verified through experiments, and recommends using this product before and after clinical medical cosmetic surgery to reduce irritations such as redness and roughness that the experiment will cause to the skin.

Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

The quinoa raw material for Kiehl's Night Peeling Serum is grown on 13 farms in Bolivia. Using multiple sources prevents over-cultivation and depletion of soil nutrients. In terms of extraction, Kiehl's uses professional plant active ingredient extraction technology, and the entire process has no harmful chemical changes and minimal environmental impact.

Kiehl's partnered with the civic organization Proinpa to provide grants to Bolivian farms to help them develop and conserve resources, protect the food chain, develop new technologies and ensure sustainable farming. At the same time, Kiehl's Quinoa Night Peeling Serum will be Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certified, helping to create a waste-free world. C2C certification mainly evaluates the product's material health, material reuse, renewable energy use and carbon management, waste management and social equity.

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