Biotherm body care series "ice cream lotion" and "cream lotion" make your skin good in winter

2022-04-08 13:33

Skin care is not only a nourishment for the face, but also a whole body care experience. The renowned European leading body care brand Biotherm body care series began in 1952, and has always focused on researching consumers' comprehensive body needs. For more than 60 years, Biotherm has been committed to bringing the best moisturizing care to the skin.

This winter, Biotherm has upgraded the skin's ultimate care: apply ?ice cream cream? in the morning, and the light cream penetrates to the extreme, giving the body a deep moisturizing and nourishing throughout the day. Use with Biotherm Cream Cream every night, the thick and dense texture provides gentle care all night long, allowing you to have the ultimate moisturizing skin care experience.

Biotherm Ice Cream Lotion - a feast of vitality and nourishment

Biotherm Moisturizing Body Lotion (Ice Cream Cream) 380RMB / 200ml

Biotherm's new "ice cream cream" has a refreshing gel touch like ice cream, and the deep moisturizing nourishment that penetrates rapidly brings the body a fresh and unstoppable pleasure. LIFE PLANKTON®, the exclusive soul ingredient of Biotherm brand, activates cell regeneration and maintains cell activity; shea butter is selected from the fruit of shea butter to extract rare oils, which have nourishing, moisturizing and soothing effects.

  • Long- lasting moisturizing: the moisturizing power lasts for more than 48 hours; even after bathing, the skin of the whole body is as moist and elastic as full of water

  • Deep Nourishing: Moisturizes the body and skin comprehensively, leaving the user feeling radiant all over the body, moisturizing dry feet, softening the aging keratin of the hands

  • Lightweight and fast penetration: extremely fast penetration, super fresh and strong penetration

Biotherm cream Lotion, the best winter treat

Biotherm Curd Silky Moisturizing Cream 390RMB / 200ml

Biotherm's star product -Cream lotion. The new creamy texture is dense and elastic; like layers of fresh cream, it is easy to push, highly nourishing, and non-sticky. The soft milk lotion slowly penetrates into the skin, giving the dry and dull skin in winter a "whitening new life" from the inside out; with the faint orange fragrance, you sleep quietly and wake up happily, this is winter pamper yourself.

  • Gold formula, ultimate nourishment: deep nourishment, repair skin, gentle and non-irritating

  • 20% shea butter, no chemical additives: rich in vitamins A, E, F, to promote skin renewal; excellent emulsifying technology, the perfect balance of nourishing and refreshing texture

  • Citrus Cream, Seductive Fragrance : Delightful and fresh citrus fruit aroma, revealing a fragrant and seductive creamy scent, mouth-watering

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