Body care brand LEPEBBLE debuted in "Design China Beijing"

2022-04-02 14:29

The 2019 "Design China Beijing" ended perfectly and received more than 30,000 spectators. The debut of LEPEBBLE was full of rewards. In just five days, the audience experienced the first two hand lip repair products, and more than 1,000 sets of limited co-branded hand lip repair gift bags were brought by these new friends. Go home! The LEPEBBLE booth also attracted many old and new friends in the design, art, and fashion circles. 

As the only body care brand on site, LEPEBBLE Shi/Le's booth "mirror fantasy" space is only 10 square meters, which is not inferior to the attractiveness of professionally designed brand booths, and it has also become a popular spot for taking pictures. The audience is full of curiosity about "why use stone as inspiration" and what is "mirror". 

Hands and lips are frequently used "communication tools" in the body, and are sensitive terminals that convey emotions and feelings. Lepebble Shi/Le thinks that the hands and lips are full of oriental subtleties and temptations. In the dry season of early autumn in Beijing, LEPEBBLE Shi/Le collaborated with "Design China Beijing" BODY FEELS...Hand lip repair gift bag, containing two first-release products: lip drunk moisturizing lipstick and rain-covered refreshing hand cream. 


Due to the sensitive physique of the founder himself, and the long-term business trips between the north and the south at home and abroad, the lips are extremely fragile and sensitive. In order to develop a clear, non-sticky, and strong repairing lip product, the LEPEBBLE product team spent more than a year, and has more than 30 debugging and researches, and finally achieved the current experience effect.

In addition to the common moisturizing and nourishing natural seed oils such as jojoba and avocado, the lip drunk moisturizing lip balm also contains high-strength repairing white pond flower seed oil. Due to the precious raw materials, Baichi flower seed oil is only used in big-brand essence and eye cream products. And lip drunk lip balm does not hesitate to add this ingredient. At the same time, the proportion of wax is reduced as much as possible in this cream, and the texture is soft, especially for the lip skin without pores.

Lip drunk moisturizing lip balm not only spends a lot of money on the cream and skin feel, but the packaging design of the product shell also strives to maximize the quality of every detail. In order to prevent the lipstick cap from falling off, a magnetic turnbuckle is used to make a crisp sound when rotating. The obsessive-compulsive disorder team has repeatedly adjusted the sound design on the magnetic buckle cover many times. In the end, an artifact lip balm that can be repaired on the inside and decompression on the outside was unanimously approved by new friends on the scene. 

Rainy Hand Cream (RAINY HAND CREAM)

As the name suggests, this hand cream is as soft as the skin soaked in the moist air after the rain, and the clean smell brings refreshing fantasy. As the product with the highest amount of experience on site, everyone commented on it like this: the refreshing woody citrus note, the base note blends with a slight ginger flavor, it is a high-level sense of cleanliness that men and women love. The refreshing texture of the paste has a high blending force with the skin, and it is easy to push away when applied. The formula achieves super moisturizing power, but it does not feel sticky at all. 

Limited co-branded hand lip repair gift bag (BODY FEELS...)

BODY FEELS...Hand lip repair gift bag won unanimous praise at the exhibition. In addition to the two products included in the set, the complimentary DuPont environmentally friendly paper bags are also fashionable items. DuPont environmentally friendly paper bags can be used repeatedly, foldable, waterproof, and biodegradable. It is a versatile carry-on bag with a sense of everyday design. 

The LEPEBBLE Shi/Le brand debut, in five days, showed an aesthetic-driven body care brand to as many audiences as possible. From the senses to the sense of touch and the use effect of the product itself, we try to show as much information about LEPEBBLE stone/le as possible. In addition to product and brand activity information, there are also many conversations with artists about physical and emotional explorations.

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