Braun CoolTec Ice Shaver Parent Episode Best Gift Recommendations

2022-03-04 19:26

In May 2013, Braun brought the world's first ice-sensing shaver equipped with the ice-sensing technology °CoolTec, which can instantly take away the excess heat generated during shaving, significantly reduce shaving discomfort, and present unprecedented to men around the world. A comfortable shaving experience.

Global consumer research shows that 20%-40% of men are not satisfied with the condition of their skin after shaving and often feel discomfort, and another 70% of men have the need for a comfortable and non-irritating shave. Men have always sought a more efficient and close shave with minimal skin discomfort.

The world's first °CoolTec ice-sensing shaver, through the ice-force soothing strip in the blade head, instantly removes the heat generated during shaving from the skin, keeping the face cool while shaving. After activating the Ice Sense button, without touching the skin, the Ice Power Soothing Strip can be lowered by 20°C from the original temperature within 2 minutes, and the minimum temperature can be lowered to 5°C (if it is used at 35°C, after 2 minutes The temperature of the shaving heads can be reduced to 15°C). Through the contact between the cutter head and the skin, in addition to sending this cool feeling to the skin, it can continuously take away the excess heat generated during shaving. The entire process does not require the aid of any other topically applied product, such as ㄠ or body lotion, and requires only the push of a button.

In addition to the discomfort of ice shaving, Braun °CoolTec ice shaver also has 9 cutting-edge shaving technologies, presenting an efficient and convenient comfortable shaving experience for men around the world. The exclusive three-stage free-floating shaving system can automatically adjust the angle of the cutter head according to the facial contour, and efficiently shave the beards of different lengths in various parts, and there are no difficult shaving parts; it is also equipped with an upgraded super-sensing geometric knife net, which can be positioned And lock the beards in different growth directions, bringing the smoothest shaving experience; in addition, the end of the shaver abandons the traditional charging port under the design, completely wrapping in place, making the shaver seamless docking, precision waterproof design, can be washed all over the body ; In addition, this shaver has the world's leading fully automatic cleaning center, which can clean, sterilize, lubricate and recharge the shaver at the touch of a button, providing a daily shave like new.

In addition, the Braun °CoolTec shaver has been approved by many world-class experts. In addition to being the world's first shaving technology that is highly recognized by international dermatologists and skin research experts from the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), Prof. Marcus Maurer, MD, of the Center for Dermatology and Allergy Research at the Medical University of Charlotte in Berlin, Germany, is also very impressed with °CoolTec The ice shaver is greatly appreciated and recommended. Professor Marcus Maurer said, "In shaving, in order to shave the hair that is close to the face, the omentum of the shaver will rub against the surface of the skin, which will cause skin discomfort, typically burning sensation, skin tightness and redness. In addition to effectively reducing the temperature of the skin during shaving, Braun °CoolTec technology also minimizes these discomforts caused by shaving.”

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