Braun's new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver hits the market

2022-03-04 19:26

Braun's new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver was launched on April 3, 2014 at the Beijing Golden Port International Circuit. Focusing on simple design and helping consumers become more confident with outstanding product experience, Braun has always been committed to helping consumers realize their dreams with products that integrate innovative technology and outstanding experience. This time, Germany's Braun brought a new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver inspired by four-wheel-drive sports cars. With a flexible head that can conquer "all-terrain", it solves the problem of repeated shaving in daily shaving. This reduces the irritation to the skin caused by repeated friction. Let men easily feel the pleasure of conquering the ups and downs in a smooth and smooth shaving experience.

[Germany Braun's new 5 series "four-wheel drive" shaver enjoys the ups and downs]

At the event, German Braun showed the details of the new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver inspired by the design of four-wheel-drive sports cars: the streamlined somatosensory design, like the charming appearance of four-wheel-drive sports cars; the power red bar, like four-wheel drive Power sports car surging power; extreme feel, like controlling the steering wheel of a four-wheel drive sports car, confident driving performance. At the same time, German Braun even more ingeniously allowed the media to experience the off-road test ride. The media experienced the joy of conquering every ups and downs and controlling all terrains on the professional off-road track, just like the new Braun 5 series in Germany.” The 4WD" shaver brings the shaving experience to all men.

In the subsequent media experience session, Mr. Chen Wanfeng, the brand of Braun China, said: "The new Braun 5-series four-wheel drive shaver not only draws on the concept of a four-wheel-drive sports car in design, but its three unique technologies are not only more powerful, but also more powerful. The innovative Smart Adhering technology can better adhere to the contours of the skin, and even the hard-to-shave areas can be easily shaved in one go.”

In addition to bringing an unprecedented shaving experience, what is more important is that Germany's Braun also hopes to use the new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver to market, convey a confident outlook on life. Director Chen Wanfeng also said: "German Braun's new 5-series 'four-wheel drive' shaver allows men to easily control the ups and downs of the face that are difficult to shave. Just like facing the ups and downs of life, Braun hopes to meet all men with confidence For every challenge in life, no matter what state you are in, you can actively respond to various challenges and enjoy the ups and downs of life.”

[German Braun's new 5 series "four-wheel drive" shaver three unique technologies]

In view of the fact that many men may lose the joy of conquest and control in the repeated shaving when facing the chin and other parts that are difficult to shave at one time, and replaced by the regret of not being able to shave at one time and the face caused by repeated friction. Department of discomfort. Braun's new 5-series "four-wheel-drive" shaver specially introduces three unique technologies to help every man enjoy the fun of shaving between highs and lows:

New FlexMotion Tec, through accurate analysis of men's facial contours, developed two flexible trimming elements to closely fit uneven skin surfaces (increase skin contact area by 15% year-on-year): built-in independent hanging shaving The component's Micro Motion can quickly reach the smallest facial contours; the 40-degree rotating shaver head's wide Marco Motion can flexibly adjust the shaving angle

The new energy drive technology, strong output power, increases shaving power by 20%, efficiently shaves any difficult-to-shave parts, and ensures "everything" Fully automatic cleaning center, one-click to complete cleaning, sterilization, maintenance and charging; efficient cleaning, sterilization rate Up to 99.999%, 10 times cleaner than clean water, high-performance lubricating fluid automatically lubricates the blades for optimal shaving efficiency. The shaver battery charges automatically when the shaver is placed on the cleaning charging base. The cleaning solution in the cleaning center releases a lemony scent and removes shaver odors.

Braun's new 5-series "four-wheel drive" shaver officially opened for pre-sale in Braun's Tmall flagship store on April 3, 2014. Order now and get Braun's gifts.

Enjoy the ups and downs of life, starting with the new Braun 5 series "four-wheel drive" shaver every morning.

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